How to Make Aam Panna at Home? Recipe and Tips

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Last Updated: September 18, 2023

aam panna a popular Indian summer beverage served in a glass over colourful or wooden background
Aam Panna a popular Indian summer beverage served in a glass over colourful or wooden background

In the sweltering heat of the subcontinent, few drinks are as refreshing, delightful, and evocative as the Aam Panna. Made from green mangoes, this tangy mango drink is not just a thirst quencher, but also a rich source of nutrition. Packed with Vitamin C, aam panna not only cools down the body but also provides essential nutrients. In this detailed blog, we will unravel the secret to how to make aam panna along with its variations, and why it’s a must-have summer drink.

1 A Brief Intro to Aam Panna recipe

Often called aam ka panna in various parts of India, this drink is made from raw green mangoes or what’s locally known as Kairi. These unripe green mangoes have a tangy flavor which is beautifully complemented by a symphony of spices and sweeteners in the aam panna recipe.

2 Making Aam ka Panna: The Classic Mango Panna Recipe

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Aam Panna: Cooling Delight of Unripe Green Mangoes for Hot Days


  • Raw mangoes (preferably fibrous mangoes): 2 large
  • Sugar or jaggery powder: ½ cup (for a sweeter taste, adjust accordingly)
  • Fresh mint leaves: 10-15
  • Roasted cumin powder: 1 tsp
  • Black salt (kala namak): 1 tsp
  • A pinch of black pepper and cardamom powder (optional)
  • Ice cubes: As required
  • Chilled water: 2 cups


aam panna in a transparent glass with whole green fruit
Aam Panna in a transparent glass with whole green fruit
  1. Cooking the Mangoes: Begin by washing the mangoes nicely. To cook mangoes, you can use a pressure cooker or an instant pot. In a pressure cooker, add enough water to submerge the mangoes and pressure cook until you hear 2-3 whistles. Alternatively, for those who don’t have a pressure cooker, boiling the mangoes in a pot until they soften is another method. Once cooked, let the mangoes cool completely.
  2. Preparing the Mango Pulp: Once the boiled mangoes are cool, peel off the skin. Extract the mango pulp using a spoon or your hands, discarding the seed.
  3. Making the Aam Panna Concentrate: In a blender, add the mango pulp, sugar or jaggery powder, roasted cumin powder, black salt, and a few mint leaves. Blend until you have a smooth paste. This is your aam panna concentrate.
  4. Serving the Aam Panna Drink: In a tall glass, add ice cubes. Pour in the aam panna concentrate, about 2-3 tablespoons, or as per your taste preference. Add chilled water and stir well. Garnish with a few fresh mint leaves on top. You can now enjoy your aam panna in a glass!

3 Variations to the Classic Kairi Ka Panna Recipe

mango juice with all its ingredients in a transparent glass on wooden surface in dark gothic colors
Mango juice with all its ingredients in a transparent glass on wooden surface in dark Gothic colors
  • Roasted Aam Panna: Instead of boiling, you can roast the raw mangoes on an open flame until the skin is charred. This gives the aam panna a smoky flavor.
  • Mango Panna Concentrate with Chaat Masala: Add a pinch of chaat masala to the mango mixture for an added tangy flavor.
  • Using Different Sweeteners: While granulated white sugar and jaggery are commonly used, you can also opt for brown sugar, coconut sugar, or even evaporated sugarcane juice for a different flavor profile.

4 The Benefits of Aam Panna

Besides its tantalizing tangy flavors and sweet taste, aam panna is also renowned for its health benefits:

  • Rich in Vitamin C: Raw mango pulp is a natural source of Vitamin C which is essential for a healthy immune system.
  • Good for Digestion: Ingredients like roasted cumin powder, black salt, and mint leaves aid in digestion.
  • Natural Cooler: The drink is known to combat the intense summer heat and is an effective remedy against heatstroke.

5 A Few Tips for the Perfect Aam Panna

aam panna or salted green mango juice indian summer drink
Aam Panna or Salted Green Mango Juice, Indian Summer Drink
  • Always choose raw mangoes that are slightly fibrous. This adds a body to the drink.
  • After you boil the mangoes or cook them, ensure they cool completely. This helps in extracting the pulp effortlessly.
  • If you’re making aam panna concentrate in bulk, you can store it in the refrigerator. While serving, just add ice-cold water, stir, and enjoy!
  • For a more refined drink, after blending the mango mixture, you can strain it using a fine mesh strainer to get a smooth texture.

6 Wrapping Up

The beauty of aam ka panna lies in its simplicity. This homemade drink is not only a delightful escape from the summer heat but is also packed with health benefits. So, the next time the sun is shining bright and you need a refreshing escape, just remember this aam panna recipe and dive into the tangy world of this incredible mango drink.

And for those wondering about the nutrition calories, while exact values can vary, aam panna is generally a low-calorie drink, especially if you control the amount of added sugar. So, serve chilled, in a glass with a few ice cubes, and enjoy this traditional summer drink with its tangy flavors, sweet taste, and a hint of aromatic spices. Cheers to the ultimate summer drink – the Aam Panna!

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