5 Solid Reasons to Wear Dishwashing Gloves

Written by: Shreyal Shingala

Last Updated: September 6, 2023

cleaning dishes with dishwashing gloves
Cleaning and scrubbing dishes with a pair of rubber gloves under a tap.

Do you consider your hands as the most important part of your body?

Of course, it is!

Then why not protect it from harmful detergents, extreme temperature substances, spiky thorns, pet bites, and other dangers?

You can’t put Cast Iron, non-Stick Pans into the Dishwasher, that’s why Dishwashing Gloves are essential in your Kitchen.

So, get a pair of Dishwashing Gloves asap!

Here are 3 reasons to get a pair of waterproof gloves for washing dishes and our hand washing dishes guide will explain it why.

So, considering your valuable time, let’s begin with the 5 reasons why dishwashing soaps are necessary.

I too used to avoid wearing dishwashing gloves as I thought they were a burden for my hands. But I was WRONG!

But after the experimental situation of wearing dishwashing gloves for 1 week, we found the following 5 reasons why we should not avoid wearing gloves.

1 Why Should I Use Dishwashing Gloves? - 5 Solid Reasons!

Constricting Skin Peeling from Hands (exfoliative keratolysis)

The foremost reason behind the manufacturing of Dishwashing Gloves is:

Safeguard your hands from dishwashing liquids.

The skin of your palm is the most sensitive one. It’s just like your face’s skin. It can tolerate a pH value of 5.5 to 7. So, anything acidic below 5.5 will harm your hand’s skin.

You can easily find when a dishwashing liquid is harming your skin; as it starts to peel off from your palm.

What’s the solution then?

Wearing a pair of dishwashing gloves remains the only solution!

It prevents the harmful reaction of the chemical over your skin and you can retain the softness of your palm.

So, wear a dishwashing glove while washing dishes with your hands.

Helps in easy Holding of Something Hot (But not while holding your spouse 😉)

The heading doesn’t mean that your spouse is not HOT, they are! But they don’t burn your hand if you hold them.

But while baking, cooking, chopping, your hand might get hurt!

So, if you want to save your hand from these situations, getting multipurpose dishwashing gloves is the only solution.

While pulling something out of the microwave oven, you can wear them and fetch the dish easily. It happens sometimes that you might burn your hand if the dish is too hot to carry bare-handed.

So, get through the process of wearing gloves, thick & heat resistant, before putting your hand inside the hot mess!

Scrubs off the Trash from Dishes

Scrubbing the residuals, left-overs, or the burnt part from the utensils is the most tedious part while cleaning dishes.

Get a lot of dishwashing liquid, and scrub it with all your might!

But Dishwashing Gloves makes it easy for you. How??

Many dishwashing gloves have scrubbers in the palm area. You just need to pour some liquid on it and no need of extra scrubbing loofah.

Clean vessels by scratching left-overs with the scrubber in the gloves themselves.

Makes dishwashing easy & fun, right?

Your Gardening Helper!

Gardening happens to be a risky task for your hands, your hands can quickly prick in thorns from surrounding.

So, wear your pair of gloves while gardening.

A garden with multiple plants looks perfect, but when it comes to taking care of some spiky plants, your head & hand might ache.

We have a solution to save you from hand aches, and that is to wear long-sleeved gloves while gardening.

It not only saves you from thorns but also from protruded stones, insects in the soil, worm-bites, etc.

Also, your hands don’t get dirty while mixing water with the soil, and other processes of gardening are eased up.

Motivates You to Clean More & More

Do you feel nausea while cleaning certain things like:

the basin, bathroom tiles, and similar structures?

Don’t worry Dishwashing Gloves can help!

I also was ignorant towards such tasks as it made my hands dirty, and I hated it. But after wearing the gloves on, I can clean them easily.

This pair of magical helper gloves might motivate you to clean more things, as there is nothing that you cannot clean with the gloves on.

2 Conclusion

We would like to wave goodbye to our readers after reading this article just like Bernie Sanders, the famous man behind the meme waving to his fans!

Not only this, our comment section is always open for your suggestions, appreciation, or doubts. Please shot your questions there. Our team will get back to you in no time.

Till the next time, stay tuned with us, and happy reading!

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