How to Clean Dishwasher Quickly and Effortlessly

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Last Updated: September 6, 2023

a lady cleaning a dishwasher
A lady cleaning a dishwasher with a liquid detergent and a cloth.

Maintaining a dishwasher is easy if you know the perfect steps of how to clean Dishwasher machine.
Prior to having a dishwasher, my Mother taught me how to hand wash dishes.

But after getting a dishwasher, I have to guide my Mom about cleaning the dishwasher effectively. Time changes quickly and we should always help our parents with this growing technology.

So, I thought why not share my SECRET TIPS of cleaning the dishwasher easily in just 5 easy steps!

In this article, you will find these steps to be performed in a successive manner. Hence, without wasting any time, let’s just get directly to the point.

1Things to collect prior cleaning the dishwasher

Before beginning the secret steps for cleaning the dishwasher, you should have these items that are necessary while cleaning the dishwasher:

After you have gathered these materials, you can follow the following steps to continue the process of cleaning the dishwasher.

2Step 1: Remove the interiors of the Dishwasher.

Removing the filters, racks, also the cutlery box, and the spray arm is what you have to do as the first step towards cleaning the dishwasher.

Place them safely aside. After that, if you see that the filters are gross, clean them with warm water, soap, and a sponge.

Place them aside to dry and now clean the racks. Make sure that the racks do not form rust, so use minimum soap and water to clean them. Also, dry them up immediately with a cloth after cleaning them.

The spray arm has small pores on it like an octopus having suckers on its arms. These pores might be blocked. So, unclog them by inserting a toothpick.

3Step 2: Clean the interior of the dishwasher.

If the spray arm is not removable, let it be in the dishwasher itself.

After removing racks, now the dishwasher will look like an empty box. So, take a brush, sponge, soap, and cloth and some dishwasher detergent tablets.

Begin scraping food debris if any. Clean any leftover food particles stuck anywhere in the dishwasher. Also, clean the spray arm with a toothpick.

After clearing out the remaining, clean the interior with a cloth to dry any dampness inside.

4Step 3: The Vinegar Cycle.

Place just a spray arm back into its place.

Now take a dishwasher-safe bowl, and fill it with vinegar.

Place it in the bottom of the dishwasher. After closing the dishwasher, start the hot water cycle.

Wait for the cycle to complete. After it completes, open the dishwasher and by now it is 95% clean!

5Step 4: The Baking Soda Cycle

After the vinegar and hot water cycle, your dishwasher might need a short baking soda cleaning cycle too.

Sprinkle one full cup of baking soda on the bottom of your dishwasher and put it on a short cycle.

Baking soda cleans the leftover clogs after the vinegar cycle and now, there are 0.01% chances of any clogs in the drainage.

6Step 5: Clean the exterior of the dishwasher.

After cleaning the interior of your dishwasher, now it’s time to clean the exterior.

Take a cloth and a good-quality liquid, eg. Colin, and a clean cloth that absorbs water fast.

Spray the liquid on the surface of the dishwasher, and clean it with the cloth.

Let it dry and then open it and fix everything inside the dishwasher.

7How Often one should clean the Dishwasher?

The latest models of Dishwashers have a Sanitize Cycle, it is hotter and more time-consuming than regular cycles.

Run it once a month. But have a specific date on which you will run this cycle.

If your dishwasher doesn’t possess Sanitize cycle, you can run a lemon juice cycle once a month. Fill a bowl with lemon juice and place it in the dishwasher and start a short cycle.

Moreover, the steps that I’ve mentioned in this article are called deep cleaning of the dishwasher. It is okay to perform deep cleaning once every 6 months.

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