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Last Updated: September 6, 2023

scrubbing dishes with hands
A person scrubbing and washing dishes with a scrub under a tap of running water.

What do you think: Hand-wash dishes is better than washing dishes in the dishwasher?
If you want a suggestion from me, I would like to suggest that hand-washing dishes is more economical than using a dishwasher.

However, if you are stuck in a very busy schedule, or live in a huge family then getting a dishwasher is a compulsion.

What if somewhere on the blue moon, the situation arises where you have to hand-wash dishes despite having a dishwasher?

You should know how to perform this task with ease and grace, right?

You might already be a master in hand-washing dishes like everyone is, but this article will help you get some better ideas.

Moreover, wearing dish washing gloves while hand-washing dishes will work like that dot on ‘i,’ so don’t miss it!

Here is why washing dishes with Dishwashing gloves are beneficial. So, don’t skip it.

So, let’s begin with it.

1Without these things, Hand-washing dishes is not possible.

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Important Products to have While Hand Washing Dishes

Every process needs some amenities to fulfill itself. The same happens while hand-washing dishes.

You will require the following products to hand-wash dishes in a better way:


Stains on the dishes are always tough. So, removing them only using water is next to impossible.

Getting the best dishwasher detergents in india is the foremost thing you have to collect before hand-washing dishes.

Here are the best-tested soaps for hand-washing dishes:

– Pril Bar

– Vim Dish Wash Anti-Smell Soap (x3)

– Exo Dish Wash Bar

Sponge & Scrubber:

Along with soap, you will require a sponge to clean the vessels effectively. Some burnt stains on the vessels are removed using a scrubber only.

Here are the best sponges and scrubbers available in the hawk:

– Gala Super Scrub 2 Count

– Scotch-Brite Scrub Sponge

– LandVK’s Scratch Proof Kitchen Utensil Scrubber Pad (x 12)

Drain Stopper:

The Drain Stopper is important to fix in your kitchen’s sink, else the food chunks will clog the drainage pipe. And all mess might overflow or spread stink in your kitchen.

Here are the best drain stoppers available in the market:

– Skywalk Stainless Steel Strainer

– VIETNAM 4 Pieces Silicone Drain stopper

– Wheezy Shower Drain Stopper

Dish Rack:

I have got a special article for different types of dish racks that you can have in your kitchen.

Dish Racks are of many different types like wall-mounted, corner-fit, above the sink, etc.

The best models of all these types of dish racks are mentioned in this article. Get one of your choices now!

Dish Towel:

Due to the damp climate, if water is not repelling from the dishes after washing them, a dish towel will help you to wipe them off.

If you place wet dishes inside the furniture, it may stink or even make other dry utensils wet. So, have at least one decent dish towel with you.

Here are the best dish towels available in the market:

– PIXEL HOME Cotton Kitchen Cleaning Towel

– HOME Kitchen Cleaning Towel

– HOME GOLDENMARC 6 Pieces Cotton Terry and Waffle Dish Cloths

Dishwashing Gloves:

Dishwashing Gloves as described in the introduction plays an important part in protecting your hand’s soft skin while washing dishes.

You might not believe, first I didn’t enjoy wearing dishwashing gloves. But after some time, my hands turned rough and my skin started peeling off.

So, keeping in mind the reasons to wear dishwashing gloves, I bought a pair for myself. And now, it’s just a fraction of the minutes I clean dishes using my scrubbed pair of dishwashing gloves.

After gathering these products, many of us already know what we have to do with the dirty dishes now. But most of the time, we are doing it in the wrong way.

You might debate in your mind:

‘What is wrong in starting to wash dishes after gathering all necessary material?’

The next paragraph might prove you wrong. So, let’s see a Step-wise Guide to complete hand-washing dishes in a better way.

2Step-wise Guide for Hand-Washing Dishes

Step 1: Start with scraping the dishes

It’s an unavoidable step to perform. If the food lumps are still on the plate or vessels, they will turn into huge clogs into the drainage pipe.

These clogs cause stinky basins and sometimes even dirty water overflows from them. Hence, scrape the left-overs from the utensils before placing them into the sinks.

Step 2: Sprinkle Water on dry dishes

If you have a lot of vessels to clean, do not forget to scrape and put some water on the vessels that you are going to clean at last.

Doing this makes cleaning those vessels easier. Else, you have to scrub them harder if the stains get dried up in the utensil’s surface itself.

Step 3: Now comes the Scrubber, Sponge and Soap

Different stains need different sponges!

Hahaha, it’s true but many of us were not aware of this reality.

Hard stains need a scrubber and normal vessels with fewer stains can be cleaned easily using a sponge.

So, get all the required sponges and brushes to clean the vessels and then begin the cleaning process.

Step 4: Wash & Rinse the Dishes then Dry

After cleaning it with the sponge and soap, now rinsing it with water is necessary.

Make sure you remove the stickiness of the soap and stains from the dishes by cleaning them with water.

You can either take water in a dish tub and rinse dishes in it, or you can also wash them under the running tap.

Make sure you are not wasting water!

Place the vessels in a dish rack and let them dry.

Step 5: Racks are waiting for dishes

Finally, when the utensils are dry, you can put them back at their place.

Putting the vessels back looks like a Happy Ending, but but but…

Meal preparation for the next meal starts and again your sink starts filling with multiple vessels.

Hence, we can conclude that Hand-washing dishes is a NEVER ENDING PROCESS!!

3Our Verdict

In the end, I hope this step-wise guide to hand-wash dishes better will help you through the process of cleaning dishes with your hands.

For more similar guides, you can stay tuned with us or even bookmark our website and visit it regularly for the latest updates. Happy Reading!

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