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white colored sweater with rust stains
A white colored sweater with lemon and salt for cleaning rust stains.

The biggest worry sometimes best steam iron can create is Iron stains. Now, how to Remove Rust Stains from clothes?
Should you just throw the clothes away? Will the stain ever leave the cloth? Various questions will arise in your mind.

No, you do not need to dump your iron stained garment, because I have got some perfect solutions to remove iron stains from your clothes.

You just need a few household elements like lemon juice, baking soda, white vinegar, cold water, etc. to remove the iron stain from the cloth.

Wash the garment after performing these solutions. Also, if the stains are completely removed, steam iron the cloth for future use.

Let’s see how to use these elements to remove the rust stain from the garments.

1 How to Remove Rust Stains Step by Step

There are several reasons that cause stains on your clothes. Also, sometimes, tea and coffee stains resemble rust stains.

So, first, make sure that the stains are of iron before performing the tricks that you will see in this blog. Or else, it might make the stains permanent!

After checking whether the stains are rust, you can follow the below-given tricks to get rid of tough stains.

Lemon Juice and Salt for Rust Stain

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Lemon and salt to remove rust stain from cloth

You can rub the lemon juice over the stains that you see in the garment. Only lemon juice is capable of removing stains that are not caused due to rust.

But if there is a rust stain, you will require to sprinkle salt over the stain and then rub the lemon juice over it. After that lay the cloth below direct sunlight for at least one hour. Continue this process until the stain disappears.

After one wash you will see that the stain is already light or sometimes also vanishes after one cycle of lemon-salt solution.

Vinegar + Salt For Stubborn Rust Stains

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vinegar and salt for rust stain removal

White Vinegar and salt paste can also help you to remove rust stains from clothes. Mix white vinegar with salt and gently dab the paste on the rust stain.

Wait for 30 minutes and then wash the cloth in a regular manner under cold water. If the stain remains, you can repeat the same process one more time.

Whether the stains are on non washable fabric or washable one, one tablespoon of vinegar is enough to remove the stains. Soak the cloth in warm water with one 1 tbsp of vinegar. It also prevents the cloth from turning yellowish.

Commercial Rust Remover for Stained Area

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Commercial Rust Stain Cleaner

With the commercial rust remover solution, you should take care of yourself first. Because this product will be highly concentrated and can burn your skin. So, wear rubber gloves while rust stain removal using chlorine bleach or Commercial Rust Remover.

I suggest that using these acidic liquids should be done only on white clothing because it can fade the color from the colored garments.

Read the instructions present on the bottle of the stain remover, and pour it accordingly on the stains. Rub the cloth with a soft bristled brush and wash with hot water, or cold water, as suggested in the instructions on the stain remover.

The stain removal process becomes easy with a chemical stain remover, but it’s risky as it might hurt your skin in case of mishandling.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Tartar cream Paste for Removing Rust Stains

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Tartar cream and hydrogen peroxide

Removing rust stains from garments, you can make a thick paste of cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide. Take one teaspoon of tartar and mix a few drops of H2O2 and also some baking soda in it.

Apply this paste on the stain and let it rest for 30 minutes. Rinse the cloth thoroughly and wash it as usual with laundry detergent. You can also wash it in washing machine.

These are some basic solutions that you can perform while searching for the answer to the question: how to remove rust stains from clothes? Let’s see what more we can do to prevent even a single rust mark on your clothes.

2 What Are the Reasons Behind Rust Stains?

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Iron rust on cloth hangers causing rust stains on clothes.

There are many reasons working behind the factor of rust stains on the cloth. So, we have to go through those factors and try to avoid them.

The foremost reason behind rust stains on clothes is corroded metal furniture.

Another reason behind this may be the rusty water heater, water storage containers that are rusty or rusty water pipes. The iron bacteria in the water can convert a clean cloth into rust stains.

So, try to keep the water storage and other things clean and rust-free with these washing machine cleaning technique. It will help you to avoid rust stains on your clothes.

3 Conclusion

With this, let’s end this article with a small note: Always try to have plastic cloth hangers and plastic ropes to hang your clothes over. These two facts will help you to avoid getting most of the iron stains on your clothes.

FAQs about How to Remove Rust Stains from Clothes

How to remove old rust stains from garments?

Lay the cloth on a flat surface under the sun in a way that the stain faces the sunlight directly. Now spread the lemon juice on the stain with your finger. Wait for 15 minutes and wash the cloth with cold water as usual.

Yes, it can remove rust stains from the garments. Mix a few drops of H2O2 with one tsp of baking soda and cream of tartar. Apply this paste on the stain and wait for 30 minutes and then wash thoroughly as usual.

The main reasons for rust stains on your washed clothes are iron bacteria in water pipes, and iron deposits in other water storage.

Yes, mix the baking soda with cold water and add one cap of laundry detergent. Pour this solution on the stain. Wait for half an hour and then give a regular wash to that cloth.

Get a bucket and mix white vinegar and water in it. Soak the iron-stained clothes in that water overnight and then wash them as usual.

No, bleach is an oxidising agent that will set the rust stains as good.

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