3 Best Mixer Grinders to Buy in India – Reviewed by Expert

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3 best mixer grinders in india
Morphy Richards, Bajaj, and Crompton mixer grinders tested and reviewed at BestCheck office.

Mixer Grinder has become an essential gadget along with water purifier for home in the kitchen for ages. Before the invention of Grinders, we manually had to labor our hands to chop, grind and mix raw eatables to make purees and chutneys. In India, where people love Masala & Chutneys, having a mixer and juicer is essential. And, choosing the Best Mixer Grinders from a series of various models with different capacities can be a head-spinning task, though!

But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!

Our article is here to guide you in tracking down The Best Mixer Grinder in India 2022. For some recipes, you can also find the best hand blenders alternative to Mixer Grinder. We have curated this list based on specifications, client ratings, capacities, jars, etc. Let’s also not forget to check sweet lime health benefits!

Our Pick
Morphy Richards Icon Superb 750W Mixer Grinder
  • Get All your chores done with THE ONE!
  • Experience the high-performance grinding and mixing with 750 Watts powerful copper motor and 4 jars accompanying this Mixer.
Runner Up
Bajaj Rex 750W Mixer Grinder
  • Enjoy The Powerful Mixing Experience!
  • This Bajaj Mixer Grinder requires 750 Watts to operate, has 4 different jars, and easies your work of mixing, grinding, and juicing.
Budget Pick
Crompton Ameo 750-Watt Mixer Grinder
  • Ergonomics & Aesthetics at its Best!
  • The ergonomic handles of the jars and the mixer grinder’s aesthetic color design help grab your attention at the first look. Available with two options, one with 3 jars and the other with 4 jars.
Please note that the prices may vary.

Summary of Best Mixer Grinders Price List

Table: Listing some of the Best Mixer Grinders, along with their respective prices.
1Morphy RichardsMorphy Richards Icon Superb 750W Mixer Grinder₹ 3,498*
2BajajBajaj Rex 750W Mixer Grinder₹ 3,498*
3CromptonCrompton Ameo 750-Watt Mixer Grinder₹ 2,799*
*Please note that the prices may vary.

Review of 3 Best Best Mixer Grinders in India

Rank1Our Pick
Morphy Richards Icon Superb 750W Mixer Grinder
₹ 3,498

Morphy Richards Icon Superb 750W Mixer Grinder

Get All your chores done with THE ONE!

Experience the high-performance grinding and mixing with 750 Watts powerful copper motor and 4 jars accompanying this Mixer.

Our pick- Morphy Richards Icon Superb 750W Mixer Grinder fixes its place as one of the best mixers in India because of its extraordinary features. You can perform almost all chores with this gadget. It has 4 Jars, including one Juicer Jar. Moreover, the capacity of each jar is consistent and as per standards. Juicer: 1.7 Litres, Wet Grinding Jar: 1 Litre, Liquidizing Jar: 1.5 Litres, and Chutney Jar: 0.4 Litres. This Morphy Richards Mixer works on 220-240 V with revolves at the speed of 20,000 RPM. That’s quite speedy, I guess! Inside each jar, a hardened stainless steel blade functions well, and 3-speed controls with pulse setting help in perfect juicing and grinding.

After thorough testing of this model, Morphy Richards Icon Superb Mixer Grinder stepped up as Our Pick Mixer Grinder. Operating on 750 W Wattage, it consumes 220-240 V, and the blades revolve at the speed of 20000 RPM. Along with that, this centrifugal juicer mixer has 4 jars with one juicer jar.

The Black and Silver color makes it look classy and worth purchasing. The exterior design and the features that Icon Superb Mixer provides are extraordinary. The main jar has lock buttons on the lid. While testing Icon Superb, we didn’t need extra effort while grinding in this jar. As the lock buttons help close the lid firmly, you can keep your hand above the cover after fitting it up on the jar while grinding or mixing.

But remember, lock buttons are not present on other jar lids. So, while using those jars, you need to hold the lid firmly. Or everything in the jar will throw itself out if somehow you are on the mixers’ function.

BestCheck placeholder
Our pick morphy richards mixer grinder.

If we have an eye on the capacity of each jar, the Juicer Jar has 1.7 Litres of capacity; Liquidising Jar has 1.5 Litres. The Dry/Wet Grinding Jar- 1 Litre, and Chutney Jar: 0.4 Litres of capacity. You can easily carry out different mixings and grinding food sessions with this capacity. Along with jars, blades also play an essential role in mixers. 4 stainless steel blades in each jar helps in the smooth mixing, powdering, juicing, and grinding.

Yes, one common thing in all the mixers that we tested is that the first time we started them, we had a burning smell experience. This generally happens due to varnish. If the smell persists more than one-two uses subsequently, please take help from the professionals from the customer care unit. Also, the noiseless mixer is next to impossible. It will produce some noise as it operates on the powerful motor. If you find the noise growing abnormally, contact customer service soon.

The motor being assertive, there are chances that due to vibrations, it might slip. But the Non-slip feet help by gripping the motor above the surface and preventing it from slipping. Moreover, this model has a 100% copper motor that helps in efficient grinding, juicing, and mixing.

Other unique features of Icon Superb mixer from Morphy Richards that makes it special are:

Overload Protection Feature- This feature helps us carefree while using our mixers. It prevents the burning out of the motor when used continuously, or there is an overload of elements in the jar.

Pulse Function– This function runs the blades at ease and pushes the dry ingredients upward in bulk. Along with that, the free material sticks with the wall of the jar.

With 3 speed control and pulse functionality. Additionally, this model covers a 2-years warranty on the product and 5 years warranty on the motor. The motor is shockproof and is insulated. You get 3 regular jars, their lids and blades, jars are made of stainless steel, and the Juicer is a polycarbonate jar. The box also contains a spatula, user manual, and warranty card.

BestCheck placeholder
Morphy richards motor.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

With the pros, there come cons too. So, here are some cons that we do not want to hide from our readers. Before purchasing the Morphy Richards Icon Superb mixer grinder, the first and foremost thing you should know is that it makes considerably more noise. Also, check whether there is a service center of Morphy Richards in your locality or not. After studying these features, purchase this perfect piece of luxury.

BestCheck placeholder
Speed control in Morphy Richards mixer grinder.

Buying Options

amazon.inMorphy Richards Icon Superb 750W Mixer Grinder
₹ 3,498₹ 8,495in stockPrice updated: November 23, 2023

Rank2Runner Up
Bajaj Rex 750W Mixer Grinder
₹ 3,498

Bajaj Rex 750W Mixer Grinder

This Bajaj Mixer Grinder requires 750 Watts to operate, has 4 different jars, and easies your work of mixing, grinding, and juicing.

Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder provides 3 stainless steel jars and one SS Juicer Jar. Just like the Morphy Richards Mixer Grinder, Bajaj Rex’s Jar has a capacity of 1.8L (Juicer), 1.0L (Dry Grinding Jar), 1.5L (Liquidising Jar), and 0.4L (Chutney Jar). The manufacturing year of this mixer jar is 2021; besides this, it has proved itself to be a reliable mixer grinder from Bajaj. If you need to make smooth purees, the 3-speed settings of this mixer grinder will help you with it. The multi-functional blade system makes it worth purchasing.

Bajaj Rex 750W Mixer Grinder with strong suction feet is the mixer grinder we would recommend as a Runner Up model of the Best Mixer Grinder in India. Rather than that, you can also call it as best Bajaj Mixer Grinder. I used the word ‘best’ from Bajaj, are many. So let’s begin with them one by one.

The ABS plastic body of Bajaj Rex is made up of two colors, Dark blue and White. These colors make the mixer look more versatile and sleek. Bajaj Rex is a 750 Watts mixer grinder having multi-function blades. You get 4 blades and 4 Jars. Hence one blade per jar. 4 jars include three stainless steel jars and one Jar for Juicer. The capacity of these jars is 1.8L, 1.5L, 1L, and 0.4L.

BestCheck placeholder
Bajaj Rex Mixer stainless steel Jars.

If we talk about the motor, this model comes with Titan Motor and a 1-year warranty on the product. Along with that, Bajaj claims that this mixer grinder has a Nutri-Pro function that retains the Nutrition from the food that you are putting inside the jar of the mixer. This function helps the mixer retain the nutrition and original taste of the food without disturbing them with the speed of the mixer. This claim of the feature of Nutri-Pro is made based on tests done on six ingredients- peanut, turmeric, tomato, rice, papaya, and black-gram.

Moreover, there are 3-speed settings and a pulse grinding function that helps you grind different ingredients with ease. You can quickly crunch and powder the ingredients as per your requirement. Additionally, you also get multi-function blades that have thick edges. Whether grinding masala or making paste as smooth as possible, these blades help you to achieve desired output and consistency. It also breaks down harsh ingredients easily. As you get a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer, you can operate the mixer grinder carefreely. But that doesn’t mean you should use it recklessly.

Along with that, Bajaj claims that the body of jars is rust-free. We continuously used this mixer for around three months and didn’t find any rust over the jars. Additionally, Bajaj being a famous brand in Indian brand, you can trust its products and services.

BestCheck placeholder
Bajaj rex 750W mixer grinder.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

Bajaj Rex 750 W Mixer Grinder is undoubtedly the best mixer grinder from Bajaj. But there are other models of mixer grinder that have 4-speed settings at near about the exact cost. However, a 3-speed setting is enough when you are using it usually.

Buying Options

amazon.inBajaj Rex 750W Mixer Grinder
₹ 3,498₹ 6,375in stockPrice updated: November 23, 2023

Rank3Budget Pick
Crompton Ameo 750-Watt Mixer Grinder
₹ 2,799

Crompton Ameo 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Ergonomics & Aesthetics at its Best!

The ergonomic handles of the jars and the mixer grinder’s aesthetic color design help grab your attention at the first look. Available with two options, one with 3 jars and the other with 4 jars.

Crompton Ameo 750-Watt Mixer Grinder follows the advanced air ventilation system to keep the mixer cool even after heavy use. You also get a red button under the mixer motor that is the motor overload protector. If you are looking for contamination-free mixing, the stainless steel jars of this mixer grinder can help you with the same. The capacity of Wet Jar is 1.5 L, while that of Dry Jar and Chutney Jar is 1 L and 0.5 L, respectively. Along with unique lid locks, this mixer grinder can be perfectly lavish for your kitchen.

Crompton Ameo 750-Watt Mixer Grinder works in a balanced way to grind and mix the ingredients. We recommend Crompton Ameo as a Budget pick Mixer Grinder because even at a lower cost, it has almost features that a mixer should have. Despite having only three jars, you can quickly perform mixing, grinding, and grounding functions. You get flow breakers jars that helps in perfect grinding while keeping making batter using the blending jar.

Ameo is a premium mixer grinder from Crompton. Its powerful and enhanced motor, air ventilation, and multi-function blade system help in the easy operation of the mixer. Working on 750 Watts and 220-240 Volts, the operating speed is enough to get the mixing done quickly. The capacity of jars is 1.5l, 1L, and 0.5L, respectively. We get 100% heavy-duty copper motor, cushion feet pads, and chrome-plated knobs when superior components are considered.

If we talk about the design of Crompton Ameo, the handles have a firm grip, and there are leak-proof lids. Also, you get flow breaker jars with motor vent-X technology for excellent air circulation.

The three-speed settings and pulse settings get the grinding work done quickly. Just turn the knob from one setting towards another and let the blades cut, grind and mix the ingredients on their own. Make sure to hold the lid tight, or the elements will pop out and spread everywhere around your house. When the efficiency of the Crompton Ameo mixer grinder is concerned, the MaxiGrind technology of this mixer helps to achieve good grinding results. It saves 10% of the time through enhanced 750 W motor functioning and design. It also ensures lesser heating of the body. The motor helps with optimum usage power for a more smooth grinding process. The mixer method helps fulfill almost all mixing and grinding requirements of the user.

Another enhanced feature of this mixer grinder is Motor Ventilation. The motor and body designs enable and increase the airflow while using the mixer. This feature helps lower the mixer’s temperature even after prolonged use and hence ensures the long life of the mixer. You also get resettable overload protection. It cuts off the chances of motor overheating during voltage fluctuation or motor blockage.

BestCheck placeholder
Crompton ameo 750w mixer grinder speed settings.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

Crompton Ameo can be the perfect mixer grinder for you if you are looking for a good mixer grinder at a low price. However, you will not get a juicer jar. But still, you can use the liquidizing jar to juice fruits. So, Crompton Ameo can be the best pick for small families having fewer or regular mixers in their kitchen.

Buying Options

amazon.inCrompton Ameo 750-Watt Mixer Grinder
₹ 2,799₹ 4,200in stockPrice updated: November 23, 2023

4The Test & Research

Why you can trust us

BestCheck’s product testing and reviewing team are into testing different mixer grinders since 2020. With multiple mixer grinders available online, choosing the top 3 mixer grinders for the Indian market was quite a ferocious task. We ordered around 11 fully-featured mixer grinders, and then we picked the top 3 from that 11 mixers. While testing these mixers, our team contacted the officials of each brand to confirm whether claiming a warranty from a nearby service center is possible or not.

Along with that, we tested mixers for making different batters, chutneys, purees, fruit juices, meat mincing, whipping eggs, etc. The mixing and Grinding test was done under supervision in our Studio. Monish and Kaushik took photos and recorded the unboxing and images of top mixer grinders. Olyvia and I tested and wrote the test results as satisfactory and representable.

5How We picked The Best Mixer Grinder

We concentrate on picking the best products for our customers who trust us from our head to toes. But while choosing mixer grinders, I must say, our minds went numb at the end because we had to keep the following factors in mind while picking the best mixer grinders out of numerous models that we chose. Here are the factors that we kept in mind while selecting the best mixer grinder in India:

Type of Mixer Grinder

There are two types of Mixer Grinder available in the market, one is Stand Mixer, and another is Traditional Mixer. But while studying the requirements of the Indian audience, they prefer traditional mixers most of the time. So, we picked conventional mixer grinders this time. But if we get enough response from you guys, we can also make a comparison guide on the best Stand mixers in India. Let us know in the comment box whether you are looking for the best stand mixers comparison article?


Depending on your requirement, if you have to use the mixer heavily in a hotel kitchen or similar place, you have to spend more on buying a heavy mixer. But if you will use it for regular mixing, juicing, and grinding, spending up to 5000 INR is enough. This amount will help you get around 4 jars, including Juicer and a powerful motor.


Any mixer that operates between 500 Watts to 750 Watts is suitable for Indian Kitchen if power consumption or wattage is considered. So, these mixer grinders will ultimately help you with perfect mixing, grinding, and juicing work.


The minimum speed of the mixer grinder should be somewhere around 18000 – 23000 RPM. This speed is enough to put eatables into pieces and gradually turn them into powder or purees. This speed also shows that your mixer has an efficient motor. And some mixers can also cut down the toughest ingredients into subtle forms.

Number of Jars

If you are lazy to clean more jars, you can pick the mixer with 2 jars. However, if your requirements are more, a mixer with 3-4 jars will be the best choice you can have. Generally, mixer grinders have 3 jars and 1 juicer jar. It can work like food processors, but actually, it is slightly different from it.

Year of Manufacturing

The latest mixer grinder models have almost all the latest features and must be in a mixer grinder. But the drawback of mixer grinders that have been made available in the last year is that there are no required reviews, But brands study the ongoing demand and try to insert that features in new models. So, we have also tested the latest mixer grinders in India and inserted them in the article.

Overload Protection

Overload protection is a must feature in primary electronic gadgets because fluctuation in electricity can damage the widget and make it useless until professional repairs it. So, the overload protector switch will help safeguard the device.


Almost all humans tend to search for commodities with less price and helpful features. Finding a good mixer grinder with excellent features at a budget price was hard to find. Because some models which were less in cost didn’t fulfill the basic requirements of a mixer grinder. However, our team is always ready to work hard when our readers matter. Hence, these 3 mixer grinders that we recommend almost suits everyone’s budget along with requirements.

6How we Tested

BestCheck placeholder
How we tested the mixer grinders.

Smooth grinding, fine powder of solid eatables, atta kneading, perfectly smooth juices, and much more are the features of a good mixer grinder. These are some requirements of a perfect mixer grinder in India. Not only Indians, but mixer grinder is compulsory worldwide where people love delicious food. Because in every second dish, you will need to make some ingredient like purees, paste, etc., that is easy to make using a mixer grinder.

Additionally, choosing the right mixer grinder is a tedious task. But we have made it easy for you. Not only choosing but also our team tested 13 mixer grinders and picked the 3 best mixer grinders from them. At the same time, we were testing the mixer grinders, testing the sturdy stainless steel jars. Low-quality jars might get rusty after 1-2 use and contaminate the food inside the jars. Also, we took good care of other aesthetics like turbo motor, blender jar, vacuum feet, sharp blades for fine grinding, mixer body and jar material, and other things.

Moreover, we tried powdering red chilies, coriander seeds, and other similar spices. To our surprise, the mixer grinders we are recommending showed excellent grinding performance. The specialized blades make it easy to powder even the toughest ingredients. Also, we tested the juicer jar for making fresh juice of fruits. And blending jars also made a perfect blend of ingredients for smooth purees and pastes.

7Competition Vs Best 3

We picked Prestige Iris 750 Watts Mixer Grinder because it’s a pretty low price despite providing unique features and 4 jars. However, it couldn’t make its place in top mixers because the sound it produces is relatively high, and the material of the Juicer Jar is compromising.

Wonderchef Bullet blender got our attention while choosing different mixers. But yes, it’s completely different from the average mixer grinder. However, while testing this product, we found it relatively small in size while testing this product for regular mixing and grinding functions.

Bosch Pro 1000W Mixer Grinder got stone-pounding technology and is a pretty impressive mixer grinder model. But it’s rather luxurious and costly. At the same time, you get the same features in other models at less cost. However, if looks are important, you can go with the sleek design of the Bosch Pro 1000 Watts Mixer Grinder.

The Jet Elite Butterfly Mixer grinder could have made it in the top mixer grinder but missed it. Here’s the reason– high noise level. But if you are a fan of Butterfly brand products, you can go for this model.

Preethi Mixer Grinder is no doubt a well-known mixer-grinder brand in India. But the drawback is it’s pretty pricey, and the noise level is relatively high.

Philips juicer Mixer Grinder Viva Collection HL7701/00 is a sleek mixer grinder from Philips with four jars, including one multi-purpose jar. The Juicer contains a fruit filter to extract juice from the fruit properly. However, our team noticed the con in this product: the jar heats up in around 1 minute of continuous grinding. So, we had to deselect it from our top picks.

Maharaja Whiteline UltraMax Elite mixer grinder has a unique 20% cooling capacity feature that helps with continuous mixing for a long time. However, there are issues with the service center. The local Maharaja stores might not help you with the troubles in your mixer that you brought from Amazon or any other e-commerce site. So, call the toll-free number and talk with Maharaja Customer support before purchasing this mixer grinder.

Philips Mixer Grinder HL7756 has features like Durable & rigid plastic, Advanced air ventilation, Unique design, rust-free jars; it couldn’t make to top picks. Reasons are Noisy little bit, Jars Size minor, and the Heating issue persists sometimes. And you get only three stainless steel jars.

Orient Electric Kitchen Kraft could be our in-budget mixer grinder because while testing, it surprised me through its outstanding grinding performance. But if you are getting this model, be ready to deal with the high noise it produces while functioning.

Panasonic MX-AC400 550 Watts Mixer Grinder is undoubtedly the best mixer grinder from Panasonic. But while comparing it with other mixer grinders, it’s not cost-effective. Other mixers that provide features at less cost are present at a higher price in this mixer. Yes, a flow breaker jar is a specialty of this mixer.

8Our Verdict

BestCheck‘s comment section is always open to its customers. You can easily get your doubts to us through the comment section. Our team will get back with an accurate solution for you in no time. So, stay tuned and Happy Reading!

FAQ's about Mixer Grinder

What is a Mixer?

The mixers are machines used to mix two or more cooking ingredients very well, for example, in chutney making we use a mixer.

The grinder is like mixing dry ingredients, which turn out to be in powder form. Usually, it can use to grind spices such as red chillis, or any other species in powder.

Well, this is a combination of mixers and grinders, which are powered by a medium motor and used to grind ingredients to remains power efficient. Some jars come with fixed and detachable stainless steel blades.

• Wattage: Ideally it should be 600-700 watts
• RPM: It’s Round Per Minutes, more round more power consumption
• Rating in Minutes: Usually it should be 30 minutes
• Product Design: For a small house, it would be an excellent choice to have a low and sleek design product.

Following these below steps will help you to keep your mixer grinder in an excellent working model. You need to keep in mind how to clean and maintain it thoroughly.
• Clean your product after every use
• Make sure that the jar fits perfectly into the blade base.
• Follow a weekly schedule to clean the machine and jars.
• Use only recommended accessories
• Use all ingredients carefully as very hot ingredients might damage the jars
• Assign a proper space in the kitchen for using the machine.

You can clean the appliance with wiping the basic cloth and non-abrasive liquid cleaner.
• Use these steps to clean the jars
• Fill the jar with soapy water
• Assemble it on the primary unit
• Use WHIP button to clean it several times
• Wash the jar with clean water
• Make sure you keep the jar and lid completely dry

For delicate food, it can process with lower Speed. For efficient and fast processing of course ingredients, you need to choose higher Speed. To make a fine paste of material, you have to select a top-speed level.

Those who love cooking also love experimenting with food. Cooking is quite a delightful task, but most of the time, it’s a time-consuming process. Buying grinder online, electric juicer, mixer grinder spare parts online, and another mixer online in this modern time are very secure and efficient to buy. So, you can go for online shopping and make it useful to use anytime, anywhere.

Well, there are a few things that one should observe and take care of these basic features while buying one. Such as:
• Quick and Noiseless Grind
• Stainless Steel Jars
• Strong and Robust Motor
• Versatile Applications
• Warranty
• Low Power Consumption

Most of the mixers make a noticeable amount of sound even if you run them without a jar. It will make noise from 20m away. The noise produces by mixer increases with age. It happens because of gradual wear and tear of the plastic bearing, which is holding blades churning of food in the jar.

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