8 Surprising Uses Of Garment Steamer

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Last Updated: January 31, 2023

a woman ironing a blazer with a garment cleaner
A woman ironing a blazer with a garment cleaner.

A convection steamer is a device that uses steam for removing wrinkles and freshening up clothes. It is an alternative to traditional ironing and is often considered to be a quick and easy way to get clothes looking their best. Garment steamers can be used on a wide variety of fabrics, including delicate materials that cannot be ironed. They are also useful for removing odors and killing germs on clothes. In addition to being a great tool for keeping clothes looking great, garment steamers can also be used for a variety of other purposes, such as steaming curtains, upholstery, and bedding. Overall, a garment steamer is a versatile and convenient appliance that can save time and effort to keep your clothes crease-free and best.

Below are the 8 most surprising uses of garment steamer which will help you in your day-to-day life.

1 To remove wallpaper

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A person removing wallpaper with garment steamer.

While removing wallpaper from the wall, we all might have faced the issue of unwanted pieces of wallpaper being stuck to the wall. Due to the fact that you cannot place a new wallpaper on top of an existing one, it is important to scrape it off very carefully.

The efficient way to remove wallpaper with a steamer is with a steam pad. A steam pad is a large plate device used to evenly apply steam to surfaces. You can peel the paper off easier as steam penetrates the paper and softens the adhesive.

2 For a clean cooking process

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Cleaning oven with garment steamer

If you cook vegetables or any food item with your stove. you might have experienced a layer of burned and sticky grease building up on the surface. Pressure steamers or electric steamers can help you get rid of this stubborn grease within no time. Just place the hose of pressure steamers to clean all the grease and excess cook food. High heat and high temperatures from the convection steamer can also clean leftover foods from the oven door.

3 To efficiently remove dirt and stains from the bathroom

cleaning bathroom with a garment steamer
Cleaning bathroom with a garment steamer

It is often a back-breaking chore to scrub, manually work, and use harsh chemicals to clean the bathroom. If you’re not careful, you may experience coughing your way out of a bathroom before you’ve finished cleaning it.

While you may clean your bathroom efficiently, it can be challenging to eliminate those lingering odors and disinfect thoroughly. By using a handheld steamer, you can kill bacteria and mold that can cause odors. You can even brighten up dirty tiles and mold with your garment steamer. Clean countertops and wipe away any melt stains on glass doors caused by hard water. You don’t need much steam to leave your bathroom sparkle. Just a few passes with the steamer will remove all the dust and moisture.

4 Defrosting Your Freezer

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Defrosting your freezer

There are times when your freezer just gets too cold to function properly. A pressure steamer removes all that icy buildup quickly when it’s time to defrost. Prepare a container to catch the melt-off and some clothing to soak up the water.

Unplug your refrigerator, spray the heat steam onto the ice and place a small bowl to collect the melted ice. Using heated steam directly in the freezer will enhance the freezing process. If you still find any large ice chunks, use a scrapper to scrape off the excess ice in the freezer.

5 Steaming fabrics

Whether at home or on the go, garment steamers are convenient to remove wrinkles from most fabrics. Your clothes will look new longer and you will not have to iron as often or wash as frequently, which would otherwise wear them out. Garment steamers are not only useful for cleaning and disinfecting a variety of surfaces, but they are also an effective method for deodorizing, disinfecting, and breaking down grease and grime.

6 Clothes steamers

You can remove wrinkles from nearly any delicate fabrics with a clothes steamer. You can use irons to press creases into pants, collars, and other clothing items made of sturdy and delicate fabrics, such as cotton and denim, or silk cloth. The hot steam from a steamer is especially useful for garments that require extra care, curtains that are large and difficult to handle, and outfits pulled straight from the suitcase.

7 Steam cleaning different upholstery and curtains

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Cleaning sofas and upholstery.

When it comes to cleaning upholstery, sofas, and chairs, handheld steamers are a fantastic tool. With low-moist heat, stains will be effectively removed without soaking the area and ruining it.

Curtains add an elegant touch to any room. But, cleaning them usually requires a lot of effort and energy. You might need to take off the curtains and wash them thoroughly. In this situation, steam cleaners can cut the time in half. The curtains can be steamed the same way you would steam your cloth or any kind of fabric. Carefully steam-clean the curtains with an upholstery attachment after they have been hung.

8 To sanitize different surfaces for better sleep at night

Who would have thought that a garment steamer could reduce sleep problems? Take your steamer to your mattress and warm it up for a deep, healthy clean. When you use a garment steamer, you can easily remove old stains, deodorize, and minimize bacteria and germs. Do it slowly and let the steam do its work without getting things too wet. If you’re going to use fresh sheets, you’ll need to let your mattress dry beforehand.

9 Wrapping Up

Now that you know how a garment steamer works and how to use a garment steamer, take advantage of these other cleaning tips to make housekeeping less tedious . In general, steam cleaning is safe for most surfaces, however, you should avoid steaming finished wood, polished waxed surfaces, or just painted surfaces. We hope you found this article helpful. Be sure to bookmark bestcheck.in for more tips and tricks on related topics.

FAQ's about Uses of Garment Steamers

Can a steamer damage clothes?

You can use steamer to iron any fabric material. Steaming is a useful method for dealing with most cottons and silks, wools, and polyesters. It is not recommended to steam waxed jackets, velvet, suede and plastics, which have a possibility of melting.

You should avoid certain fabrics while steaming with a garment steamer. These fabrics include velvet, plastic materials and suede leather which have a possibility of melting. In fact, you can use a garment steamer on fabrics like rayon or linen.

Garment steamers releases steam which goes deep into the clothes and softens the fabric and reduces the wrinkles on the cloth. Furthermore, steam can reach high temperatures, which can effectively sanitize clothes, eliminating odors. It is also possible to use garment steamer for drying clothes.

There are many additional benefits associated with a garment steamer rather than just ironing the creases from your clothes. A garment cleaner can help you get rid of creases faster and leave your clothes with a fresh smell. You should consider a steamer if you own delicate fabrics and textures such as cashmere or silk. The main benefit of a garment steamer is that it does get directly in contact with the cloth which leaves you free from worries about damaging the clothes.

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