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man ironing clothes
A man ironing his clothes with a steam iron.

Deep wrinkles or stubborn creases, if you know how to use steam iron for ironing clothes, you can make them crisp and perfectly ironed.
But the ongoing pandemic restricts us from giving our clothes for ironing. So, investing in one steam iron or a dry iron is what we can do.

If you are thinking that it will waste your money, NO, it will not. Instead, it will help you by ironing your clothes perfectly in the comfort of your home.

If you are not aware of the process of how to iron clothes using a steam iron, this blog will be your savior. So, let’s begin with the stepwise guide on how to use a hot iron with iron tables for comfortable ironing.

1 What’s a Steam Iron?

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Steam iron

Steam Iron is a convenient machine for convenient ironing for getting perfect press and crisp in the cloth without hassle. This type of ironworks completely on electricity.

The name itself suggests that this steam iron will contain water to produce steam. Yes, it is true.

This electronic device uses water.

You have to fill water in the water reservoir and then the current passes through the special coil and the iron gets heated up.

This heat is transferred to the soleplate and once it is completely heated, the water reservoir drips some water on the iron plate. Hence, it produces steam that is projected outside that softens the hard or delicate fabrics and irons them perfectly.

2 Steps of Using a Steam Irons on Regular Days

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Steam Iron Precautions

Nowadays, the use of Steam Iron is increasing in India, as well as many western countries.

So, if you are not aware of the process to use the iron properly, they are described here.

Check it out:

  • To begin with, check the label on the dorsal side of the fabric. It will suggest the right level of temperature setting that it can encounter without any damage.
  • Set the temperature of the iron accordingly. Wait until the soleplate heats up. Some steam function irons have a light indicator that will show you when the heat level is suitable.
  • Till the iron box is heating up, spread the fabric evenly on an ironing board, or any solid surface like an ironing table or bed.
  • Also, please remove stains from your cloths and cover the surface using a protective cloth before ironing. Because, if not protected with a cover, the heat might damage the surface and even your attire.
  • Now, start ironing at low heat by setting an ideal iron temperature level.
  • Some steam irons generate steam and release it automatically, while some models have a button, you have to press that button to release the steam.
  • Iron the fabric until it turns smooth, and not until it dries. The delicate fabric should remain slightly damp after finishing the iron. Always iron in up and down motion.
  • While ironing thick fabrics like velvet, hold the iron slightly above the fabric and try to avoid pressing it against the cloth.
  • By using the spraying function, you can spray water over deep wrinkles, and then iron above them. This will help the lines to relax and iron it properly.
  • Some materials can get spots when water is sprayed. So, read the label properly.
  • While not in use, place the iron vertically on its heel to avoid dripping water. Empty the iron immediately after you finish ironing, but take care because the water will be steamy hot.
  • After the iron box is completely dry and cool, wrap the cord loosely and store around and place it in a dry place with proper care.
  • Also, do not forget to hang ironed garments directly on the clothes hanger, so that they can remain crease-free.
  • These are some simple steps to use a steam iron for regular ironing of your garment. Now, let’s see how to fill water in the steam iron.

Filling Water in the Steam Iron

Sometimes, you will require an extra spray bottle by your side while ironing. Now, let’s see how and which water you can use in the steam iron.

  • Place the iron vertically on a flat surface.
  • Get some distilled water to put inside the garment steamer.
  • Look at the capacity of the water tank in the steam iron, and do not fill it more than Max level. Try to maintain a little less level than Max level.
  • Avoid filling tap water.
  • Switch on the current supply, and wait for the water to heat up and form steam.

3 Maintaining and Storing a Steam Iron

Maintaining any product is always a tough job if you are not using the best steam iron brands.

Especially during a pandemic, the most important task is pressing cloth, because you have to represent yourself virtually almost everywhere.

Regular Maintenance of an Iron box is necessary because you have invested in it and also it helps you to remove stubborn creases, and remove wrinkles.

Here are the tips to remember while maintaining a steam iron before and after ironing clothes:

  1. Use only distilled water, especially if you live in India. Because here tap water has a high amount of limescale that will ultimately destroy the interior of the steam iron.
  2. Let the fabric remain slightly damp after ironing.
  3. If the soleplate has residue, pour vinegar on a dry and clean cloth. Clean the soleplate thoroughly while the iron is cold and not in use.
  4. For cleaning the build-up in the water tank and pores, add one part of water and one part of vinegar in the tank. Keep the iron on for a few minutes and the steam will clean the build-up.
  5. If your iron’s soleplate is burnt, spread some salt on paper and turn on the iron at its highest temperature. Iron over the salt until the burnt thing comes out from the soleplate.

4 Pros and Cons of A Steam Iron

  • It will help you in removing wrinkles and the garment will get the perfect crisp and ready to wear.
  • There are multiple settings for different fabrics like cotton, velvet, etc.
  • You can use it as a regular dry iron too.
  • The Lightweight feature can help you store it anywhere easily.
  • If your fabric, or shirt is not ironable, it might get moisture spots while steam ironing it. This iron is also not suitable for all types of clothing.
  • Frequent water pouring is required for steam formation.

5 Final Verdict

In the end, we hope you are now aware of how to use a steam iron. So, get one for yourself and have a crease-free pair of garments always ready to wear. For more articles, and comparison guides of products, stay in touch with BestCheck.

Steam Iron FAQs

Steam iron vs. dry iron

In some matters, Steam iron is better, like it gives a perfect finish of ironing to cloth using steam and water spray. At the same time, dry iron doesn’t provide such a finish to the cloth while ironing. But dry irons are less expensive than a steam iron. So, you can decide to buy the type of iron on the basis of your need.

It depends on the way you maintain your iron. But you can use a branded steam iron for at least 2-3 years.

The main reason behind this might be interrupted electric supply. Check the electric supply first, if it is regular, then you have to take the iron to the service station.

It is necessary to have an ironing board while ironing your clothes because it supports the cloth and ironing becomes easy. Whether you iron in a circular motion or any way, the garment requires firm support. If you lay the material on a soft surface and iron directly, the creases might remain as they are.

Almost all of us are taught that after setting the required iron temperature level, start to use steam iron or any iron with circular motions on the cloth. But that’s not enough. First, work on up and down motion and then if necessary, go with circular motion over the garment. After completing the ironing, rest the iron on its heels, vertically.

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