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Last Updated: August 9, 2023

close-up of a woman getting a us visa in the immigration office and holding approved forms
Close-up of a woman getting a US visa in the immigration office and holding approved forms

In the age of globalization, the dream to move overseas for work, education, or a better life has never been more attainable. A surge of individuals is now looking to relocate to countries offering promising opportunities. For Indians, this often translates to moving to countries like Canada, Australia, the USA, New Zealand, and several European nations. But with this dream comes a labyrinth of visa procedures and paperwork. And who better to navigate this maze than the best immigration consultants in India?

India, being a large country with millions aspiring for foreign shores, has witnessed a proliferation of visa consultants. But how do you separate the grain from the chaff? This article serves as a guide to those in search of the best visa consultants in India.

1 Why Do You Need Immigration Consultants?

Immigration rules of many countries are intricate, and a single misstep could delay or even sabotage your chances of moving. This is where the best immigration consultants come in. They not only streamline the process but also offer personalized guidance.

2 What Defines the Best Immigration Consultants in India?

  • Experience: The realm of immigration is constantly changing. Consultants with years of experience have weathered these changes, making them more adept at foreseeing pitfalls.
  • Certification: Look for consultants who are accredited by the respective immigration bodies of the country you aim to move to.
  • Transparency: The best immigration consultants in India will maintain transparency regarding their fees, the process, and potential challenges.
  • Success Rate: A high visa approval rate is a testament to their efficiency and expertise.

3 Top Picks: Best Visa Consultants in India

Y-Axis Overseas Careers

Location: They have multiple branches across India including cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

Services: They offer a variety of services including migration services, job search services, and student visa assistance.

Accreditations: Registered with MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) and ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council).

Website: Y-Axis Overseas Careers

Contact: +91 76708 00000

Email: [email protected]

Abhinav Outsourcing

Location: Established in New Delhi, they have expanded their presence in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

Services: They specialize in business and investment visas, skilled migration, and study visas.

Accreditations: Affiliated with ICCRC and a member of IIUSA (Invest In the USA).

Website: Abhinav Outsourcing

Contact: +91 85953 38595

Email: [email protected]

Kansas Overseas Careers

Location: They have offices in Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Vizag.

Services: They offer a plethora of services including permanent residency, job search services, study visas, and visit visas.

Accreditations: Registered with ICCRC.

Website: Kansas Overseas Careers

Contact: 1800-102-0109

Email: [email protected]

Visas Avenue

Location: Headquartered in New Delhi, they also have branches in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Noida.

Services: Their services span from skilled migration and business visas to student and tourist visas.

Accreditations: Associated with MARA and ICCRC.

Website: Visas Avenue

Contact: +91 78180 00777

Opulentus – The Visa Company

Location: They operate from major cities including Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune.

Services: Their expertise lies in permanent residency visas, work visas, student visas, and travel visas.

Accreditations: They’ve been in the industry for over a decade but specific accreditations would need verification from their official sources.

Website: Opulentus – The Visa Company

Contact: +91 72071 11222

4 Key Services Offered by the Best Immigration Consultants

  • Assessment of eligibility: Before you even embark on your immigration journey, consultants assess if you meet the criteria.
  • Documentation Assistance: The cornerstone of the immigration process. The best visa consultants in India ensure your documents are error-free and presentable.
  • Application and Follow-Up: Consultants will handle the tedious task of filling out applications correctly and following up on their progress.
  • Interview Preparation: Some countries require an interview. Being prepped by professionals can make all the difference.

5 Tips to Identify the Best Immigration Consultants in India

  • Research: Before settling, always research multiple consultants. Check their reviews, success rates, and any possible red flags.
  • Beware of False Promises: No consultant can ‘guarantee’ a visa. If someone does, it’s a potential warning sign.
  • Visit their Office: A physical visit can offer insights into their operations, professionalism, and legitimacy.
  • Ask Questions: The best immigration consultants will always be ready to answer any queries.

6 Wrapping Up

Finding the best visa consultants in India can be the defining factor in realizing your dream of moving abroad. While this list provides a starting point, always perform due diligence. After all, immigration is a significant life decision, and the consultants you choose play an instrumental role.

Remember, the best immigration consultants in India are those that align with your needs, maintain transparency, and keep your best interests at heart. And as you embark on this exciting journey, having the right consultant by your side can make your overseas transition smooth and successful.

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