Exploring Divorce in Astrology and its Impact

Written by: Kaushik Jethva

Last Updated: July 19, 2023

man trying to convince woman horoscope chart and dating
Man Trying To Convince Woman Horoscope Chart And Dating

The fascinating world of astrology has served as an interpretative compass to the cosmos since time immemorial. Rooted in celestial movements, it has helped many individuals understand significant life events, changes, and trends. One such topic that has gained substantial attention is divorce in astrology. This blog post will delve deep into the esoteric correlations between astrology and divorce, exploring the house, planet, and sign implications for marital separation.

1 Astrology: An Overview

Astrology is a profound, symbolic language that interprets the influence of celestial bodies on human lives. The idea behind astrology is that planetary positions at the time of birth profoundly impact one’s personality and future events. When focusing on divorce astrology, particular planets, signs, and houses play crucial roles.

2 The 7th House and Divorce

In astrology, the 7th house is the “house of marriage” and is often the first place astrologers look when examining marital prospects. In the context of divorce astrology, the 7th house’s condition and the planets residing within it can signify potential for marital discord and, ultimately, divorce.

A weak or afflicted 7th house can indicate a challenging married life. Suppose there’s a presence of malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu, or Ketu in the 7th house. In that case, it can potentially point towards marital difficulties and, under certain circumstances, divorce.

Astrologers also look at the 7th house’s ruling planet and its position and aspects. For example, if the ruling planet of the 7th house is under stress, debilitated, or in unfavourable positions with other planets, it may indicate issues in marital life, potentially leading to divorce.

3 Planetary Influences and Divorce

Exploring divorce in astrology, we cannot overlook the role of certain planets and their characteristics. Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are typically considered malefic planets that may cause unrest in marital life.

  • Mars: Known as the planet of war and aggression, its positioning can result in ‘Manglik Dosha,’ leading to tensions and conflicts in married life.
  • Saturn: A slow-moving, disciplinarian planet, Saturn’s influence may lead to a delay in marriage and potential hardships in the marital relationship.
  • Rahu and Ketu: The shadowy planets often bring deception, dissatisfaction, and illusion into the relationship, causing marital discord and potential divorce.

4 Zodiac Signs and Divorce

zodiac constellations on background
Zodiac constellations on background

When considering divorce astrology, zodiac signs also play a pivotal role. Each sign carries its energies, strengths, and weaknesses, impacting how individuals handle relationships and conflicts.

For instance, Scorpio, the sign of intensity and passion, may struggle with jealousy and possessiveness, potentially causing strain in the marital relationship. Gemini, the sign of communication, might face difficulties due to inconsistency and lack of commitment.

5 Astrological Aspects and Divorce

mars high resolution image
Mars - High resolution image

Certain astrological aspects can signify potential marital discord in divorce astrology. For instance, a square or opposition aspect between Venus (planet of love and relationships) and Mars (planet of aggression and conflict) could indicate passionate but volatile relationships.

Similarly, a hard aspect between Mars and Saturn could point towards restriction and frustration in the relationship, which may lead to divorce.

6 Asteroids and Divorce in Astrology

Astrologers also consider the role of certain asteroids like Juno and Vesta in divorce astrology. Juno represents the marital partner and commitment, while Vesta symbolises devotion and purity. Afflictions or challenging aspects of these asteroids in the birth chart can indicate difficulties in maintaining marital harmony.

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7 Wrapping Up

As intriguing as it is, predicting divorce in astrology should not be taken as deterministic. Astrology is a tool for self-understanding and growth; it is not meant to cause fear or anxiety. Remember, the stars incline, they do not compel. Every individual has the free will to make choices that can change the course of their life.

Astrology can give insights into potential challenges and strengths in our relationships. However, it’s up to us to learn from these insights and take proactive steps towards growth and understanding. Divorce astrology can help us understand our patterns better, helping us evolve and foster healthier relationships.

Regardless of what our birth charts reveal, remember that we all are capable of love, growth, and change. So, if you’re facing difficulties in your marital life, seeking professional guidance – be it an astrologer or a therapist – could be a beneficial step.

Ultimately, divorce in astrology is a complex topic that merges the intricate realms of celestial movements and human relationships. It’s a testament to the vastness of astrology and its enduring relevance to life’s various aspects. Whether or not you believe in astrology, it certainly invites us all to look at the cosmos and ponder life’s mysterious ways.

Note: This blog post is meant to provide an overview of how astrology might relate to divorce. It should not be used as a definitive guide for making decisions about your personal life. If you’re struggling with issues related to divorce or relationships, it’s crucial to seek professional help from a licensed therapist or counsellor.

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