Does Money Plant Need Sunlight? Let’s find out!

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Last Updated: May 31, 2023

does money plant need sunlight
A Chinese money plant put in white ceramic pot in direct sunlight.

The houseplant trend has swept through living spaces around the globe. They add a pop of colour, purify the air, and bring a slice of nature indoors, making our homes feel more cosy and welcoming. Among the myriad of plants that one can opt for, the Money Plant, scientifically known as Epipremnum aureum, stands as a popular choice. It is revered not only for its vibrant greenery but also for the good fortune it supposedly brings.

This comprehensive blog post will delve deep into understanding one critical aspect of money plant care – its sunlight requirements. This elemental factor often leaves plant enthusiasts in a dilemma: “Does money plant need sunlight?” Let’s debunk this mystery once and for all.

1 Understanding Money Plant and its Origin

Before understanding the specific sunlight needs, it’s crucial to comprehend the money plant’s origin and natural habitat. Native to the moist, shaded areas of French Polynesia, the money plant has an inherent affinity for lower light conditions. The plant is a hardy, adaptable variety, which explains its popularity among indoor gardeners. The money plant, interestingly, is an epiphyte in its natural habitat, meaning it grows on other trees and takes nutrients from the air and rain.

2 Does Money Plant Need Sunlight?

money plant
A money plant put in white ceramic pot with a rainbow with the wall reflecting its shade because of the sunlight.

In one word: Yes. Like all green plants, the money plant requires sunlight for photosynthesis, a process through which plants convert light energy into chemical energy to fuel their growth. However, the extent and intensity of sunlight the money plant requires are far from what many would expect.

In its natural habitat, the money plant grows under the canopy of larger trees, receiving only dappled sunlight. Therefore, it’s not accustomed to direct, intense sunlight. Too much direct sunlight can scorch the leaves, leading to brown spots or fading of the vibrant green color.

3 Ideal Sunlight Conditions for Money Plant

Considering the money plant’s preference for filtered sunlight, the best place to keep it indoors would be near a north-facing or east-facing window where it can receive gentle morning sun. These conditions emulate its natural habitat and promote healthy growth.

The money plant is a low to medium light plant. However, it doesn’t mean it can survive in dark corners. Insufficient light can cause leggy growth, where the plant starts to stretch towards the light source, resulting in longer internodes and smaller leaves.

If you have a variegated variety of the money plant, like the Golden Pothos with its yellow and green leaves, its light needs are slightly higher. Variegated plants have less chlorophyll due to their coloration, making them less efficient at photosynthesis. Therefore, they need more light compared to their fully green counterparts.

4 Indoor Lighting For Money Plants

money plant spraying
A woman water spraying a money plant put in direct sunlight.

For those living in apartments with limited natural light, or if you wish to grow money plants in a room without windows, artificial lighting can be an effective alternative. Fluorescent lights, especially those with a high output, can be used to supplement or replace natural light.

LED grow lights are another excellent option, with their full spectrum mimicking the sun and promoting healthy growth. If you choose artificial lighting, ensure the plant isn’t too close to the light source to avoid leaf burn, mirroring the plant’s requirement for indirect natural light.

5 Monitoring and Adjusting Sunlight

Just like us, plants do communicate; all we need to do is understand their language. Yellow leaves might indicate too much light, while leggy growth and smaller leaves might mean insufficient light. Monitor your money plant and adjust its location or light source as necessary.

6 Final Thoughts

money plant in sunlight
A lush green money plant put in sunlight against the while wall.

In conclusion, the money plant does need sunlight but not direct, harsh light. Rather, it thrives in indirect, filtered sunlight or gentle morning sun. Artificial lighting can also be a valuable tool for indoor money plant care. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well-equipped to provide your money plant with the right light conditions it needs to flourish. Happy gardening!

Remember, nurturing plants is a journey filled with learning and joy. And if you want to learn about more air-purifying plants, then check out our blog on best air purifying plants for home in India.

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