5 Impressive Examples of Report Writing on an Event

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a student demonstrating report writing on an event
report writing on an event

Report writing is an essential skill that students, teachers, and community members need to effectively communicate the details of an event. An event report is a document that records the happenings, outcomes, and lessons learned from a particular occasion. Some examples of report writing on events can be found in school magazines, newsletters, and community publications. In this blog, we will explore various examples of report writing on an event from school-organized functions, community meetings, and other gatherings. We will also discuss the key elements of report writing and provide tips for making your report interesting and engaging.

1Example 1: Blood Donation Camp

blood donation camp
Blood Donation Camp

On (date), ABC School organized a blood donation camp in collaboration with the (city) Blood Bank. The noble cause of the camp attracted many participants, including students, teachers, and local community members. The event started with a welcome speech by the principal, who expressed gratitude to all the donors for their contribution to saving lives.

The school auditorium was transformed into a well-organized camp with all the arrangements in place, including separate sections for registration, donation, and refreshments. Several volunteers, including teachers and students, were involved in the process, ensuring smooth operations throughout the event.

The chief guest for the event was (Name), a renowned medical professional who praised the school’s initiative in his speech. He also shared some valuable knowledge about the importance of blood donation and its impact on society.

The event concluded on a positive note, with the school thanking all the donors, volunteers, and staff members who contributed to the camp’s success. In total, (number) units of blood were collected, which would be used to save lives in the city.

2Example 2: School Cultural Programme

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School Cultural Programme

ABC School organized its annual cultural program on (date) to showcase the talents of its students and local artists. The event was attended by a large audience, including parents, teachers, and other members of the community.

The program began with a welcome speech by the principal, who expressed her pride in the students’ achievements and thanked the guest speakers for their presence. The cultural program featured various activities, such as dance, music, drama, and art exhibitions, all performed by the school’s talented students and supported by their dedicated teachers.

Local artists were also invited to perform and share their knowledge with the students. The event reports highlighted the enthusiasm of the participants and the positive feedback received from the audience. The cultural program concluded with the winning team receiving awards and certificates from the chief guest.

3Example 3: Independence Day Celebration

independence day celebration
Independence Day Celebration

On (date), ABC School celebrated Independence Day with great enthusiasm and patriotism. The event began with the hoisting of the national flag by the chief guest, (Name), a retired army officer and a staff reporter.

The school organized a special assembly featuring patriotic songs, speeches, and performances by the students. The chief guest and principal also addressed the audience, highlighting the significance of the day and the need to instill patriotism in the younger generation.

The school newsletter documented the entire event, including the speeches, the various activities, and the involvement of teachers, students, and volunteers. The report concluded with a statement from the principal, expressing gratitude to all those who attended and contributed to the event’s success.

4Example 4: Book Fair

book fair
Book Fair

ABC School, in collaboration with (publisher name), organized a book fair on (date) to promote reading among students and the local community. The event was held at the school premises, where a large number of books from various genres were displayed.

Students, teachers, and community members were invited to attend the fair, which was open for (hours). The fair also included guest speakers and workshops on creative writing, storytelling, and research, which attracted many participants.

The book fair report, published in the school magazine, focused on the event’s success and the positive response from the attendees. The report also highlighted the efforts of the organizing team, including teachers and volunteers, who were instrumental in setting up the fair and ensuring its smooth functioning.

The principal expressed satisfaction with the event’s outcome, noting that the book fair had fostered a love for reading among students and the community. The report concluded with a statement from the organizing committee, thanking all the participants, guest speakers, and volunteers for their contributions to the book fair’s success.

5Example 5: Parent-Teacher Meeting

parent teacher meeting
Parent-Teacher Meeting

On (date), ABC School organized a parent-teacher meeting to discuss students’ academic progress and address any concerns. The meeting was held in the school auditorium, where teachers and parents were present to engage in constructive discussions about their children’s performance.

The event report, published in the school newsletter, documented the various activities conducted during the meeting. The report mentioned the principal’s opening speech, emphasizing the importance of regular communication between teachers and parents in ensuring students’ academic success.

The report also highlighted the positive atmosphere during the meeting, where teachers and parents exchanged feedback and discussed strategies to support students’ learning. The event concluded with a closing statement from the principal, who thanked all the attendees for their participation and expressed optimism about future meetings.

6Tips for Writing Event Reports

Use the past tense and passive form: Write in the past tense when describing events that have already happened. The passive form is also helpful in making your report interesting and easy to read.

Include reported speech: Including quotes from speeches or statements made by key participants adds credibility and interest to your report.

Be clear and concise: Provide accurate details of the event, such as date, location, and the number of attendees. Avoid using overly complex language or jargon.

Include relevant data and evidence: Support your report with data, such as the number of participants, the number of funds raised, or the goals achieved. This adds credibility to your report and helps the reader understand the event’s impact.

Use examples: Include specific examples of activities or performances to make your report more engaging and informative.

Include photos or illustrations: Visual elements can help bring your report to life and make it more interesting for the reader.

Edit and proofread: Make sure your report is error-free and reads smoothly.

7Wrapping Up

Examples of report writing on events serve as a valuable resource for students, teachers, and community members looking to document and share the details of their gatherings. By including the following points provided in this blog and examining the various examples, you can write a report on any event and make it engaging and informative which will effectively communicate the essence of your event to your intended audience.

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