How To Download Driving Licence? Step-by-Step

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driving licence in india
Driving Licence in India

As we march ahead into the digital age, even the Indian government is taking strides to make its services more accessible online. Among the services that have seen a transformation is the ability to download your driving licence. In this guide, we’ll walk you through a detailed, step-by-step procedure on how to download driving licence in India. Let’s begin!

1 The Importance of a Digital Driving License

Before we delve into how to download a driving licence, it is essential to understand why it is so beneficial. A digital driving licence can be handy in various situations, such as if you’ve forgotten your physical driving licence at home. It’s also more durable and cannot be easily damaged or lost.

2 Why Should you Download a Driving License?

Before we delve into how to download a driving licence, let’s explore why you should consider doing it:

  • Convenience: Having your driving licence on your smartphone means it’s always with you as long as you have your phone.
  • Safety: A digital driving licence reduces the risk of losing or damaging your physical licence.
  • Ease of Sharing Information: It is easier to share your driving licence information digitally when required.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Digital licences reduce the need for plastic cards, which is beneficial for the environment.

3 Prerequisites Before You Start

Before we explain how to download a driving licence, make sure you have the following:

  • A valid driving licence.
  • A smartphone or a computer with internet access.
  • A registered mobile number that is linked to your driving license.
  • An account on the official government website for driving licenses, if required.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter – how to download a driving license. Though the process may vary slightly depending on your location, the following steps should generally apply:

4 How to Download a Driving License in India? A Step-by-Step Guide

m parivahan home page
M-Parivahan Home Page
  1. Keep Your Documents Ready: The first step in learning how to download a driving licence is to ensure that you have all the necessary documents. You will need your Aadhar Card, application number, and your date of birth.
  2. Visit the Parivahan Portal: Go to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’ official website – This is the government’s dedicated portal for all traffic and vehicle-related services.
  3. Choose Your State: Since driving licences in India are issued by the state governments, you need to select the state from where your driving license has been issued. This is crucial for accurately understanding how to download a driving licence for your specific region.
  4. Click on “Driving License Services”: Once you select your state, go to the “Driving License Services” option. This is where the process of how to download a driving licence actually begins.
  5. Enter your Details: To learn how to download a driving licence, you need to be thorough with your details. Input your driving licence number and date of birth. This will ensure the database retrieves the correct information.
  6. Verify Using OTP: An essential step in knowing how to download a driving licence is ensuring security. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Input this OTP for verification.
  7. Select “Download Driving Licence”: Once verified, you will see various options. Select “Download Driving Licence”. By now, you should be well-acquainted with how to download your driving licence by following these steps.
  8. Save and Print your Driving Licence: After you’ve clicked on the option, your driving licence will be downloaded in PDF format. Save it on your device or cloud storage. You can also print it out if necessary.
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driver's licence section inside m parivahan homepage

5 Using Your Digital Driving License

Now that you know how to download a driving license, it’s essential to understand how to use it. In many countries, digital driving licenses are accepted just like physical licenses. However, you need to ensure that the digital copy is accessible even without an internet connection. It’s advisable to store it in an app or a digital wallet that’s recognised by the authorities in your region.

6 Essential Tips and Tricks

Now that you know how to download a driving licence, here are some pro tips to ensure a hassle-free experience:

  • Keep Your App Updated: If you’re using an app to store your digital driving licence, make sure it is always updated to the latest version. This ensures that you have the latest features and security patches.
  • Screen Lock is Essential: Since your driving licence is a crucial document, ensure that your smartphone has a screen lock for added security.
  • Have a Backup: While learning how to download a driving licence is empowering, it is equally important to keep a backup in case your phone is lost or damaged. You might store it in a cloud service or another device.
  • Know the Local Laws: Before you completely ditch your physical driving licence, make sure you’re well informed about the local laws. In some places, traffic officers might not accept a digital copy.
  • Check Compatibility: Check if the format in which you download your driving licence is compatible with the devices and services you intend to use it with.

7 Wrapping Up

Knowing how to download a driving licence is incredibly useful in this digital age. It not only adds an element of convenience to your life but is also a more sustainable choice. Ensure that you follow the steps meticulously and keep abreast with the local laws regarding the acceptance of digital driving licences.

Embrace the change, and always have your driving license at your fingertips. This guide on how to download a driving licence is your go-to resource for joining the digital revolution. Happy driving!

FAQ's about How to Download Driving Licence

Is a digital driving licence valid internationally?

Digital driving licences may not be accepted in all countries. It’s advisable to carry a physical licence or an International Driving Permit when travelling abroad.

If you lose your phone, make sure to remotely lock it or erase the data if possible. Also, retrieve the backup of your digital driving licence on another device.

Yes, you can download and store your digital driving licence on multiple devices. However, ensure all devices are secure.

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