How To Find Trending Topics For YouTube?

Written by: Kaushik Jethva

Last Updated: August 8, 2023

youtube channel report menu on the device screen
YouTube channel report menu on the device screen

In today’s digital age, success on YouTube is often driven by the ability to remain relevant and consistently tap into trending topics. This makes understanding and harnessing YouTube trending topics a critical task for any content creator, brand, or marketer on the platform. But how do you identify what’s hot?

Let’s explore some strategies and tools, including the use of Google Trends for YouTube, to learn how to find trending topics for YouTube.

YouTube is more than just a video hosting platform; it’s a community, a culture, and for many, a primary source of entertainment. As with any community, there are trending discussions, viral challenges, and hot topics that capture the collective imagination.

Being in sync with trending topics on YouTube offers several benefits:

  • Increased visibility: Videos that tap into trending themes often get higher views because they cater to what the audience is currently interested in.
  • Higher engagement: Trending topics are, by nature, more engaging. They can lead to increased likes, shares, and comments.
  • Growth: By regularly covering trending topics, channels can attract new subscribers and grow faster.
google trends for youtube
Google Trends for YouTube

Perhaps the most valuable tool in your arsenal for pinpointing trending topics on YouTube is Google Trends. And yes, it’s as simple as it sounds! Google Trends allows you to see which search queries are popular over time. But the lesser-known fact is its ability to specifically show YouTube Search trends.

Here’s how you can utilise Google Trends for YouTube:

  • Narrowing the Search: On the Google Trends homepage, there’s an option to filter by YouTube Search specifically, as opposed to “Web Search”. This will give you a clearer picture of what’s trending on the video platform.
  • Explore Topics: Enter a broad keyword in the search box. If you’re a tech YouTuber, for instance, typing in smartphones will present you with related topics and queries. This is a great way to see what specific aspects of your niche are trending.
  • Regional Focus: Google YouTube trends can also be filtered by region. If your target audience is primarily in a certain area, this feature is invaluable.

One of the most powerful tools at your disposal is Google Trends for YouTube. Google Trends allows you to view the popularity of search queries over time. It’s a goldmine for understanding audience interest.

  • Access Google Trends: Head over to the Google Trends website.
  • Enter a Search Term: Type in a keyword or phrase related to your niche or an idea you have.
  • Filter for YouTube Search: Under the ‘Search type’ dropdown, select “YouTube search”. This will narrow down the data to reflect YouTube trends search specifically.
  • Analyse the Data: The graph will show the popularity of your term over time. Peaks indicate times of high interest.
  • Compare Terms: You can also compare multiple search terms to see which is more popular.
  • Discover Seasonal Trends: Certain topics might trend seasonally, like Halloween DIYs in October or Christmas recipes in December.
  • Find Rising Stars: Google Trends highlights “breakout” terms that have seen significant growth in a short period – these could be the next big thing.
  • Global or Local: You can filter results by region to find what’s trending in specific countries or globally.

While Google YouTube trends offers a wealth of information, it’s not the only tool in your arsenal.

  • YouTube’s Trending Page: YouTube itself showcases what’s currently popular in its ‘Trending’ section. While it’s a mix of music, celebrity news, and viral videos, it gives a snapshot of what’s capturing viewers’ attention.
  • Social Media & News: Twitter trends, Instagram hashtags, and current news can also give clues about potential YouTube topics. If something’s making waves on other platforms, it might do well on YouTube too.
  • Community & Comment Sections: Never underestimate the power of your community. Listen to your subscribers. They might drop hints, requests, or ideas in the comment section that can inspire your next hit video.

Discovering a trending topic is just the first step. How you craft your content around it matters too.

  • Stay Authentic: Just because something is trending doesn’t mean you should force content around it. Make sure it aligns with your channel’s theme and your personal brand.
  • React Fast: Trends can be short-lived. If you spot a YouTube trends search that’s peaking, aim to produce content around it swiftly.
  • Optimise for SEO: Make sure you’re using relevant keywords in your video titles, descriptions, and tags. This can make a huge difference in your video’s discoverability.
  • Engage with Your Audience: Encourage likes, shares, and comments. Engage with your audience in the comments section, ask questions, and drive discussions.

7 Wrapping Up

In the fast-paced realm of YouTube, staying current is paramount. But, as we’ve discovered, finding trending topics on YouTube isn’t about blindly following a bandwagon. It’s a blend of utilising tools like Google Trends for YouTube, observing YouTube trends search patterns, keeping an ear to the ground with social media, and engaging with both competitors and your audience.

Remember, while chasing trends can give you a boost, authenticity and passion for your content will always reign supreme. A trending topic is merely a vehicle. Your unique voice and perspective are the engine that will drive it to success.

In the words of the famous adage, “Trends come and go, but authenticity is timeless.” So, as you ride the wave of YouTube trending topics, make sure your voice shines through, and you’ll surely make a splash in the vast ocean of YouTube content.

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