How To Train Dog Not To Bark at Door?

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Last Updated: August 4, 2023

aggressive german shepherd barking
Aggressive German shepherd barking

For most of us, our dogs are more than just pets; they’re part of the family. As much as we love their company and devotion, we could all do without their excessive barking, especially at the front door. It’s a common problem dog owners face: your peaceful home gets interrupted by the constant noise every time a friend, family member, or delivery person arrives. If you’re trying to figure out how to stop dog barking or how to make a dog stop barking, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will help you understand why your dog is barking and how to train dog not to bark at door.

1 Why Does Your Dog Bark at The Door?

angry working line german shepherd barking
Angry working line German shepherd barking

Barking is a dog’s method of communication. It’s their way of alerting you about potential danger or expressing their feelings of fear, anxiety, boredom, or excitement. Door barking often signifies that your dog is alerting you about someone or something outside. However, it’s crucial to ensure this behaviour doesn’t disrupt the household’s peace.

2 Step-by-Step Guide: How to Train Your Dog Not to Bark at the Door

So, how can you stop a dog barking at the door? Let’s delve into several methods you can incorporate into your training routine:

Understanding the Trigger

The first step towards answering how can you stop a dog barking at the door is understanding what triggers this behaviour. Is it the doorbell, someone knocking, or people passing by outside? Observing your dog’s behaviour can provide valuable insight into the root cause of the barking.


Once you’ve identified the triggers, it’s time for desensitisation. This process involves gradually exposing your dog to the trigger in a controlled environment to reduce its reaction. For instance, if the trigger is the doorbell, start by ringing it when no visitors are present. Initially, your dog may react with “dog barking”, but with time and repetition, they should start to associate the bell with no immediate threat, eventually reducing their barking response.

Ignore the Barking

If your dog is barking at the door out of demand for attention or out of boredom, one of the most effective strategies is to ignore it completely. Don’t look at your dog, don’t talk to them, don’t touch them until they stop barking. Only when the barking ceases should you turn your attention to them. Over time, this can teach your dog that barking is not a successful strategy for getting your attention.

Teach the "Quiet" Command

black german shepherd training
Black German Shepherd training

First, you’ll need to teach your dog the “speak” command. Once your dog starts barking on command, you can teach them to be “quiet.” Start by commanding them to “speak,” and once they start barking, say “quiet” and offer a treat or their favourite toy. They’ll soon associate the command with the action.

Distraction and Diversion

One successful method of how to stop dog barking is using distraction or diversion tactics. These can include toys, treats, or training commands. The goal is to break the barking cycle and redirect your dog’s focus. For instance, if your dog begins to bark at the door, ask them to sit or give them a favourite toy. The intention is to shift their attention from the door to the command or object.

3 Advanced Training Techniques: How to Stop Dog Barking

These techniques can be more challenging but often yield excellent results in teaching your dog not to bark at the door:

Training with a Friend

Arrange for a friend or neighbour to approach your front door. The moment your dog starts barking, your friend should walk away, disappearing from view. Repeat this process, rewarding your dog with treats or praise when they don’t bark.

Professional Training Classes

If you’re struggling to control your dog’s barking, consider seeking professional help. Professional trainers have the experience and knowledge to help solve your problem and can offer a structured environment that encourages learning.

Anti-Barking Devices

Anti-barking devices like ultrasonic bark control tools can deter your dog from barking. They emit a high-frequency sound that only dogs can hear and find uncomfortable, interrupting and deterring their barking.

4 Tips to Reinforce Training

Even after you’ve learned how to make a dog stop barking, it’s essential to reinforce the training regularly. Here are some tips:

Avoid Punishment

Punishing your dog for barking can escalate the situation and increase anxiety, leading to more dog barking. Instead, focus on teaching new behaviours.

Maintain Consistency

Whichever method you choose, it’s crucial to apply it consistently. Make sure all family members are using the same commands and rewards.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Always remember to reward your dog’s good behaviour. Treats, toys, praise, and petting are all excellent forms of positive reinforcement.

Be Patient

Remember, breaking old habits and learning new ones takes time. Be patient and continue reinforcing positive behaviour.

Exercise Your Dog

Regular physical activity can help reduce your dog’s energy levels, making them less likely to bark out of boredom or frustration.

5 Wrapping Up

With these strategies in mind, you can confidently answer the question of how to stop dog barking at the door. By understanding why your dog is barking and using these training methods, you can cultivate a peaceful and more enjoyable living environment for both you and your furry friend. Remember, training a dog involves consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement. With time, your dog will understand that silence is the best greeting.

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