How to Wear Dupatta on Lehenga? 10 Unique Dupatta Styles

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Last Updated: June 15, 2023

how to wear dupatta on lehenga
An India bride wearing a traditional rose coloured lehenga.

It’s time to transform your ethnic wardrobe game by adding an exciting twist to the traditional outfit – the lehenga. The accessory that holds the power to make or break your look is the humble dupatta. While the lehenga and choli might steal the limelight, your dupatta style can be the ultimate game-changer, giving your outfit an edge of sophistication and fashion-forward flair. From the vibrant streets of Chandni Chowk to the haute couture runways of Milan, the dupatta is an accessory that crosses boundaries and cultures.

Often regarded as the Cinderella of Indian ethnic wear, it’s time we put this humble garment under the spotlight where it belongs. The way you drape your dupatta can make a significant impact on your outfit’s overall appeal. So, let’s explore how to wear dupatta on lehenga to make a fashion statement.

1 10 Inventive Ways to Style Your Dupatta on Lehenga

dupatta styles
A collage of different types of dupatta styles.

1. The Classic Front Flow

The classic front flow style remains an evergreen choice for its simplistic elegance and versatility. Drape your dupatta over one shoulder, allowing it to gently descend across your torso, and let it hang over the other arm. The beauty of this style lies in its effortlessness, yet it manages to make a distinct statement. This style enables you to show off the ornate design of your dupatta and the intricate detailing on your lehenga choli. It’s perfect for occasions when you want to keep your look traditional but still impactful.

2. The Double Dupatta Drape

Embrace the regal aura with the double dupatta drape. Here, one dupatta is draped traditionally over the shoulder, while the other is worn like a veil over the head. This style is perfect for adding a royal touch to your outfit. It allows you to play with color contrasts, textures, and designs, giving your lehenga an extra layer of sophistication. It’s also a great way to manage heavy dupattas as the weight is balanced between two drapes.

3. The One-Sided Drape

The One-Sided Drape
A woman wearing white lehenga with maroon dupatta draped on one side.

The one-sided drape is for those who believe in the mantra ‘less is more’. This style is all about subtlety and elegance. Secure one end of your dupatta to the shoulder of your choli, let it fall freely at the back, and hold the other end in your hand. This style provides ample opportunity to flaunt the gorgeous work on your choli. It’s the perfect way to make a minimalistic yet significant fashion statement.

4. The Sabyasachi Drape

Take inspiration from the legendary Indian designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee. The Sabyasachi drape, also known as the Gujarati style drape, highlights the waist and offers a slimming effect. In this style, one corner of the dupatta is tucked on the left side of your lehenga, and the dupatta is then beautifully draped across your chest and over the right shoulder. This dupatta style is known for its aesthetic appeal and the air of grace it brings to your attire.

5. The Cape Style Drape

Break the barriers of traditional styling with the cape style drape. It’s all about blending western fashion with traditional ethnic wear. In this style, the dupatta is pinned on both shoulders at the back, creating a cape-like appearance. This style is a sure-shot way to stand out in a crowd and is ideal for fashion-forward women who love to experiment with their look.

6. The Lehenga Sari Style

If you adore the elegance of a sari but don’t want to give up the comfort of a lehenga, the lehenga sari style is tailor-made for you. Tuck one end of the dupatta in your lehenga, wrap it around, and drape it over your shoulder like a sari pallu. This style gives you the best of both worlds – the grandeur of a sari and the comfort of a lehenga.

7. The V-Neck Drape

V-neck Drape
A woman wearing a lehenga with V-neck drape dupatta.

The V-neck drape is a sophisticated style that effortlessly complements your jewelry and choli. The dupatta is pinned to both shoulders, creating a V-neckline, and the rest of it is left loose. This style provides a fuss-free experience, perfect for occasions where you plan to dance or move around a lot.

8. The Belted Drape

Give a modern twist to your lehenga with the belted drape. Adding a stylish belt around your waist not only secures your dupatta but also adds a structured look to your outfit. This style is a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary fashion. You can opt for a traditional kamarband or a sleek metal belt depending on your preference.

9. The Over-The-Head Drape

Transport yourself to the Mughal era with the over-the-head drape. The dupatta is draped over the head and pinned to one shoulder, leaving it to cascade down gracefully. This style is perfect for those who are fans of traditional attire and want to create a regal, ethereal look.

10. The Butterfly Drape

And finally, we have the butterfly drape – a playful, feminine style where the dupatta is folded in half and draped around each arm, creating a butterfly-like wing effect. This style is fun, flirty and gives your ensemble a fluid silhouette.

2 Tips for Perfect Dupatta Draping

dupatta draping
A bride wearing red lehenga with free dupatta.

Perfecting your dupatta style can be easy if you follow these tips:

1. Choose the Right Fabric

The fabric of your dupatta plays a crucial role in the draping process. Lightweight fabrics like chiffon, georgette, or net are easy to handle and drape beautifully. Heavier fabrics like velvet or silk are perfect for creating a royal, voluminous look.

2. Secure with Safety Pins

Safety pins are your best friends when it comes to securing your dupatta. However, use them wisely and discreetly to ensure they don’t damage the fabric or show on the outside.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re trying a new dupatta style, practice beforehand. It will not only help you understand how to drape it perfectly but also help you move comfortably in it.

4. Consider the Occasion

Always consider the occasion before deciding on your dupatta style. If it’s a wedding or a festive event, more traditional styles would be suitable. For a casual or contemporary event, you can experiment with the more modern drapes.

3 Conclusion

Each of these dupatta styles offers a unique charm to your lehenga and can transform your look entirely. Remember, there are no set rules when it comes to fashion. Your personal comfort, the occasion, and your personal style should be the ultimate deciding factors. So, go ahead, dare to experiment, and create your own unique style statement. After all, fashion is all about self-expression. With these ten styles, your dupatta will never be an afterthought again!

So there you have it, the ultimate guide to draping your dupatta. These innovative styles ensure you make the most of this versatile accessory and revamp your lehenga look every time. In the world of fashion, it’s always the details that matter. So, give your dupatta the attention it deserves, and let it be the canvas of your creativity! Also, check out our product review on the best long-lasting perfumes for women for being extra confident while you wear lehenga and dupatta!

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