Best Places to Visit for Trekking in Gujarat

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Last Updated: July 20, 2023

gujarat india map 3d rendering
Gujarat India map 3D rendering

Trekking in Gujarat offers a unique opportunity to explore the diverse landscapes and natural beauty that this western Indian state has to offer. From rugged hills to dense forests, Gujarat is home to a wide range of trekking trails that cater to all levels of experience. In this blog, we will delve into the fascinating world of trekking in Gujarat, highlighting the best trekking destinations, the ideal time to visit, and essential tips to make your trekking experience memorable.

1 1. Girnar Hill, Junagadh

steps to girnar hill gujarat state india
Steps to Girnar Hill, Gujarat state, India

A pilgrimage site and a trekkers’ delight, Girnar Hill, the oldest mountain range in India, stands in Junagadh city. The trek is a challenging climb of more than 10,000 steps, leading you through five principal peaks. At the top, the Neminath Temple, one of the largest Jain temple complexes, is a fascinating architectural marvel worth exploring. Girnar Hill is not just about the strenuous trek, but also about the spiritual journey it promises. The trek typically takes about 7-8 hours, depending on your pace.

2 2. Pavagadh Hill, Panchmahal

view of pavagadh hill gujarat state india
View of Pavagadh hill, Gujarat state, India

Pavagadh Hill, engulfed in legends and folklore, is a hotspot for history enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. The hill is home to the ancient Kalika Mata Temple, reached via a trek or a ropeway. The verdant beauty surrounding the path, coupled with the allure of the ancient structures, presents a perfect blend of adventure and heritage. The total trek can take 2-3 hours, making it a great day trip.

3 3. Wilson Hills, Dharampur

waterfall located near wilson hill
waterfall located near Wilson hill

Located in the Sahyadri range, Wilson Hills stands at an altitude of around 2500 feet. This hill station offers six points of attraction, including the marble chattri, the Barumal temple, and the Shakai Point. From here, trekkers can witness panoramic views of the Arabian Sea and the encompassing landscape. The trek is considered moderately challenging, making it suitable for both novices and experienced trekkers.

4 4. Saputara Hill Station, Dang

saputara hill station
Saputara hill station

At an altitude of about 1,000 meters, Saputara promises an unforgettable trekking experience. Surrounded by lush green forests, waterfalls, and undulating paths, the Governor’s Hill trek is one of the must-do treks in Saputara. Sunset Point, Echo Point, and Townview Point are major attractions along the trekking trail. Additionally, the Hatgad Fort trek, about 5 km from Saputara, offers fantastic views of the Saputara valley and parts of Nashik.

5 5. Kutch, The White Desert

beautiful rann of kutch white desert
Beautiful Rann of Kutch White Desert

Kutch offers a uniquely enchanting experience. Its vast expanse of white salt desert is unlike any other trekking terrain in Gujarat. The trek along the endless stretches of the white desert is surreal, especially under the moonlight. The desert becomes a cultural hub during the Rann Utsav, with music and dance performances, handicraft stalls, and authentic Kutchi cuisine.

6 6. Polo Forest, Abhapur

polo forest abhapur
Polo Forest, Abhapur

Polo Forest, a biodiversity hotspot, has over 450 species of medicinal plants, around 275 birds, 30 mammals, and 32 reptiles. This area becomes especially beautiful after the monsoon season when it is brimming with greenery. Several ancient temples hidden amidst the forest add to the mystery and charm of the place. There’s also the Harnav River, a tributary of the Sabarmati, flowing through the forest.

7 7. Jessore Hill, Banaskantha

a beautiful morning at jessore hill
A Beautiful Morning At Jessore Hill

Jessore Hill, a part of the Aravalli Range, is the second-highest peak in Gujarat. The hill is part of the Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary, providing habitat to sloth bears, leopards, hyenas, porcupines, and a variety of bird species. The hill is covered with dry deciduous forests, and the trek up the hill offers panoramic views of the entire sanctuary.

8 8. Purna Wildlife Sanctuary, Dangs

dense foliage of purna wildlife sanctuary
dense foliage of purna wildlife Sanctuary

Covering an area of 160 sq km, the Purna Wildlife Sanctuary is a part of dense moist deciduous forests in the Western Ghat of Gujarat. The sanctuary derives its name from the Purna River which flows through it. The trek here offers the chance to spot various wildlife species, including leopards, bonnet macaques, Indian civets, common mongooses, and several species of birds and snakes. The Gira Falls, a 30-meter-high waterfall, is another popular attraction here.

9 Tips for Trekking in Gujarat

Plan and Prepare

Before embarking on any trek, it is crucial to plan and prepare accordingly. Research the trekking route, check the weather conditions, and carry essential gear such as trekking shoes, comfortable clothing, a backpack, sufficient water, snacks, and a first aid kit.

Engage a Local Guide

Hiring a local guide can enhance your trekking experience by providing valuable insights into the region’s history, culture, flora and fauna. They can also ensure your safety and help navigate through challenging terrains.

Stay Hydrated and Carry Snacks

Gujarat’s treks can be physically demanding, so it is important to stay hydrated throughout the journey. Carry an adequate amount of water and energizing snacks to keep your energy levels up.

Respect Nature and Wildlife

While trekking, ensure that you maintain the utmost respect for the environment and wildlife. Do not litter, disturb flora and fauna, or venture off marked trails. Preserve the natural beauty for future generations to enjoy.

Check Permissions and Permits

Some treks in Gujarat may require permissions or permits, especially if they pass through protected areas or wildlife sanctuaries. Make sure to check the requirements beforehand to avoid any inconvenience.

10 Wrapping Up

Trekking in Gujarat provides a remarkable opportunity to connect with nature, witness breathtaking landscapes, and explore the rich cultural heritage of the region. By venturing into these stunning locations for trekking in Gujarat, you will experience a perfect amalgamation of adventure, nature, and culture. From lush forests to desert landscapes, from heritage sites to wildlife sanctuaries, trekking in Gujarat offers a multitude of experiences to satisfy your adventurous spirit.

Whether you are a seasoned trekker or a beginner, Gujarat offers a range of trekking trails suitable for all levels of experience. From the majestic Girnar Hills to the serene Wilson Hills, each trekking destination has its charm and allure. So, pack your bags, lace up your shoes, and embark on an unforgettable adventure through the captivating landscapes of Gujarat. Happy trekking!

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