How to Clean a Ceiling Fan Without Making a Mess

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a man cleaning a ceiling fan
A man cleaning a ceiling fan wearing a face mask.

Cleaning a ceiling fan is a periodical process. Missing this process might result in unhealthy airflow through your house.
Hence, try to maintain your house clean, and knowing how to use spin mop is a necessity. Especially, if you live in India where the nature outside is unpredictable, ceiling fans will be your savior.

Almost everyone amongst us knows how to clean ceiling fans. What if you are looking for a step-wise guide on how to clean a ceiling fan or cleaning fridge tips. Here it is.

Let’s not waste more time and begin with the actual information of this blog.

1Why is it necessary to clean a Ceiling Fan?

To clean a ceiling fan or direct cooler air fan is one of the toughest tasks while dusting your house.

Especially when the ceiling fan is at a great height and you are not able to reach it.

However, cleaning the ceiling fan is what you have to do prior to cleansing the floor. Because the dust and dirt froths will shower from the fan and spread over the floor.

Also, if you are not having an air purifier at your home, a ceiling fan will work as a mini air purifier. It will ventilate the air in and out of the room.

So, if you want to get fresh air in your room, make sure the ceiling fan is also clean.


2What happens if the ceiling fans are not clean?

When fans are cleaned regularly it provides fresh air to breathe.


A fan is an electric appliance that barely remains off. It circulates air through the ventilation window.

Just imagine, how will the fan blades bring fresh air in if they are loaded with dirt?

Hence, timely maintenance and dusting & moping of the fan will get fresh air for you. Else, you will get unhealthy air to inhale and dust shower on your head if you don’t remove dust.

So, here are a few tips and tricks that will help you to clean a ceiling fan. These cleaning processes will surely help you to clean the dirty fan blades and ceiling fan easily.

Additionally, we also have steps you can follow to clean the ceiling fan remote. Remote controllers require handling with care. So, make sure you do not use water to clean it.

So, let’s begin with the tricks and step by step instructions that will help you keep your ceiling fan clean.

3Wipe with old pillowcases

This trick is one of the best processes to clean a ceiling fan. You just have to follow the given steps to perform cleaning with an old pillowcase.

Materials required

  • An old pillowcase
  • Mild all purpose cleaner
  • Step Ladder
  • Scarf to cover your head and face


  • Take an old pillowcase, you can avoid using a torn pillowcase and prefer using a cotton case. It cleans the dirt effectively.
  • Spray the all purpose cleaner inside the pillowcase.
  • Climb the step stool or step ladder to reach up to the ceiling fan.
  • If you feel that the fan blades are covered with dust debris, clean it first.
  • Or else, just get the pillow cover and put the fan blade inside the pillow cover.
  • Now press the case firmly against the blade and wipe it till the end of the blade. Then gently wipe it.
  • If possible, use a different pillowcase for each blade.
  • Or, after cleaning one blade, invert the pillowcase, dust it somewhere far.
  • If you sense that dust stays inside, make it dust free first.
  • After that, you can invert it again and reuse the same for another fan blade.

4Clean with Long armed Fan cleaning Duster

Firstly, what is a long armed Fan cleaning duster?

It’s a device with an adjustable arm and duster that you have to attach at the end of the arm.

You can adjust the height as per the height of your ceiling fan. Also, the duster is sometimes C-shaped. So, it can clean the upper and the lower part of the blade simultaneously. Hence cleaning ceiling fans becomes easy.

Materials required

  • Long armed duster.
  • Scarf
  • Cleaning liquid and clean cloth (optional)


  • If you are cleaning the kitchen fan or any fan that shows greasy stains you will have to clean it first. For that, you will need a ladder and a dry microfiber cloth.
  • Spray the liquid on it and clean the greasy dust first.
  • If your ceiling fan is just dusty and dirty, a long armed cleaner will help.
  • Fix the pieces of this appliance and no need for a ladder now.
  • Hold the handle and let the other end with a duster, clean the fan.
  • It turns out to be super easy to clean the fan with this device.

5Cleaning Greasy and Oily Fan

Mostly the fan near to your kitchen and the one that is in your kitchen has oily and greasy stains. That too this oil sticks all the dust and other floating particles on it.

Hence, such fans require more and frequent cleaning. Here you will get to know the material required and process for the same.

Materials required

  • Cleaner liquid
  • Cleaner fabric
  • Scarf to protect you
  • Ladder


  • Greasy and sticky dirt is usually the hardest to clean. However, cleaning them regularly will not make the stains grow tough. Let’s see the process.
  • After switching off the fan, take the cleaner liquid.
  • You can either spray it on the cloth and then clean the blades.
  • Or you can spray it directly on the blades. But protect your eyes and face from it.
  • Clean the blades with that fabric and remove dust.
  • After that, you can take another cloth soaked in normal water and clean the fan again. This step is optional.
  • Clean the blades with normal water if you see that there are moist scratches on them.
  • Instead of cleaner, you can also use soapy water to clean the greasy stains. Then clean with clean water.

6Clean the fan with Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum can be the best option to clean the ceiling fan. It already has an adjustable arm and duster to soak the dust.

You might not require a ladder or stool to climb up and clean the fan blades.

Materials required

  • Extendible Vacuum cleaner.
  • Ladder and fabric if required.


  • Fix the duster attachment in your vacuum cleaner.
  • Extend the handle of it to the high ceilings.
  • Turn the fan off and then gently swipe the duster over the dirty ceiling fan.
  • Make sure the suction is controllable or else you might harm the ceiling fan.
  • The duster will clean dirt and dust from the blades and hence your fan will become better and cleaner than before.

7Cleaning the fan remote

Remote controller ceiling fans are easy to operate, but at the same time, are costlier than simple fans.
Whether it’s a remote of TV, AC, Fan, etc., it gets dirtier with time. So, cleaning it becomes necessary. Here’s the process you can follow to clean it.

Materials required

  • All purpose cleaner
  • Clean cloth


  • Spray the cleaner on the cloth.
  • Clean every inch of the remote controller with a cloth.
  • You can use a thin cloth that can swipe between the buttons and clean the dust.
  • Make sure you avoid cleaning with an over wet cloth. It might create a malfunction in the RC.
  • Let the remote air dry completely before using it.
  • Cleaner the remote, healthier it gets to touch it.

8Learn How to clean other parts of the Ceiling Fan?


Some decorative fans have pull chain, light bulbs, motor housing, etc.

Cleaning motor housing requires a clean cloth and cleaner liquid. Put some liquid on the cloth and clean the motor housing.

The same goes with the pull chain, light bulbs, and glass globe covering it. Clean them with a drop cloth, or an old sheet of cloth that is clean. Wipe them with cleaner liquid and cloth.

Dirty motors work less efficiently. So, clean them regularly.

Fancy Blades

Clean fan blades are more important for good blowing air indoors. They remove interior dust and form compressed air. Clean fans produce cooler air.

Also blowing air one way attracts more dust, hence timely dusting becomes necessary.

Cleaning blades is easy but you need to climb up to the level of the fan. Rotating blades catch all the dirty particles from the opposite direction and dust inside the house. Hence you can wash or wipe them.

If you know how to detach blades from the fan, you can wash them. Else wipe them with fabric and cleaner liquid.

But before that, a dusting of the blades is necessary. The dusting process removes dust and dirt debris. It makes blades less heavy and fans running smoothly.


You might have understood the importance of a clean fan from this article. Also, the tricks will help you with the disinfecting process of your ceiling fan.

For more articles like ac cleaning hacks, stay tuned with us, and happy reading.

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