Flower for Hair: Nature’s Crown for Feminine Beauty

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flower for hair
A portrait of a young woman wearing a flower wreath on her hair.

When it comes to natural beauty, nothing beats the charm and allure of flowers. In the endless treasure chest of Mother Nature, flowers are arguably the most artistic and vibrant entities. Their ability to infuse a sense of charm and grace into anything is unparalleled. It’s no wonder that the allure of flowers has found its place in the realm of hair accessories.

Hair decoration with flowers is not a modern-day concept; it dates back to ancient civilizations, where people adorned their hair with flowers for religious or aesthetic reasons. Today, this fashion statement has gained an exquisite appeal worldwide, becoming a preferred choice for weddings, festivals, and other occasions. So, come with us to explore flower for hair with us!

1 Why Choose Flowers for Hair?

The question might arise, why should one opt for flowers when there are countless other hair accessories in the market? The answer lies in the simplicity, freshness, and uniqueness that flowers provide.

Each flower carries a distinctive charm and message. For instance, a rose symbolizes love and passion, while a daisy represents innocence and purity. Thus, choosing a flower for your hair is not merely a fashion decision; it’s a statement of your personality and mood.

Moreover, flowers are incredibly versatile. They can complement any hairstyle, be it braids, buns, curls, or simple loose hair. If you want to give some texture to your straight hair, check out our blog on how to curl your hair with a straightener. A flower crown can give a bohemian touch to your look, while a single flower tucked behind the ear can be a sweet, subtle addition.

2 Flower Selection: Things to Consider

wedding wreaths
A portrait of a summer bride wearing a flower wreath that matches with her wedding card design.

Choosing the right flower for your hair isn’t as simple as picking the prettiest one. There are several factors to consider.

  1. Event and Dress: The choice of flower should be in harmony with the event you’re attending and the dress you’re wearing. For instance, for a beach wedding, tropical flowers like hibiscus or orchids would be appropriate. In contrast, a formal event might call for elegant roses or lilies.
  2. Durability: Not all flowers can withstand a whole day in your hair without wilting. You must consider the longevity of the flower and its ability to withstand heat, especially if you’re planning an outdoor event.
  3. Allergies: Some people are allergic to certain flowers or their pollens. Before choosing a flower, make sure you’re not allergic to it.
  4. Size and Weight: Larger flowers might be more noticeable, but they could also be heavy and uncomfortable. Smaller flowers are light and can be incorporated into intricate designs.

3 Types of Flower Hair Accessories

flower accessories
A photo grid of three photos with different flower accessories.

Single Flower Accent

Sometimes, less is more. A single, vibrant flower can be all the statement you need. This style is easy, quick, and suitable for any casual day out. Just tuck the flower behind your ear, or fix it into your bun or braid. Ensure that the flower’s color complements your outfit for a complete look.

Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are a popular choice for many brides, festival-goers, and those looking to add a bohemian touch to their attire. They can range from delicate and simple designs with small flowers and greenery, to bold and extravagant with large, colorful flowers.

Creating a flower crown involves wiring individual flowers and arranging them around a base that fits your head. You can make one yourself or opt for a professionally designed one.

Flower Hair Clips

Flower hair clips combine the convenience of regular hair clips with the beauty of flowers. They are especially good for children, as they are lightweight and secure. You can find pre-made flower hair clips in stores, or you can make them at home using a hair clip and a few chosen blooms.

Flower Braids

For those who want an intricate, fairy-tale look, incorporating flowers into braids is a great idea. Small flowers or petals work best for this style, as they can weave into the braid without overwhelming it.

4 Caring for Flower Hair Accessories

Here are some tips to help your flower hair accessories stay fresh and vibrant:

Choose Fresh Flowers: Always opt for fresh flowers. They last longer and look more vibrant.
Refrigerate: If you’re not going to use them immediately, keep your flowers in the refrigerator. This will help them stay fresh longer.
Spritz With Water: A light spritz of water can help the flowers retain their freshness. However, be careful not to drench them as it can damage the petals.
Avoid Heat: Keep your flower accessories away from heat as it can cause wilting. This includes direct sunlight and heated hair tools.

5 Creating Your Flower Hair Accessories

Creating your flower hair accessory can be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Here’s a simple guide to creating a basic flower hair clip:

Materials Needed: Fresh flowers of your choice, florist tape, wire, hair clip, and hot glue gun.

  1. Preparation: Trim your flowers, leaving about 2 inches of stem. If you’re using a large flower, you might need to wire the stem for additional support.
  2. Assembly: Start by arranging your flowers on the clip in a design that appeals to you. Once you’re satisfied with the layout, use the hot glue gun to attach the flowers securely.
  3. Finishing: Use the florist tape to wrap the stems and any exposed wire. This not only creates a neat look but also adds comfort when wearing the clip.

Remember, creating your hair accessory is a creative process, so there’s no need to aim for perfection. The beauty lies in the uniqueness and personal touch of your creation.

6 The Cultural Significance of Flowers in Hair

roman flower wreath
A young caucasian woman in light dress and laurel wreath.

To further explore the enchanting world of hair flowers, we must dive into their cultural significance. Across different societies and historical periods, flowers have been used in hair for various reasons.

Ancient Civilizations

In Ancient Egypt, flowers and floral motifs were extensively used in fashion and beauty, often seen in frescoes and sculptures. Noblewomen and men wore floral collars, and flowers, notably lotus, were woven into hair or headbands, signifying rebirth and the creation of life.

Greek mythology is rife with references to gods and goddesses adorned with flowers. For example, the goddess Aphrodite is often depicted with roses in her hair, symbolizing beauty and love. During ancient festivals and ceremonies, Greeks wore wreaths made from olive tree branches, laurel, and flowers.

In the Roman Empire, flower crowns known as ‘coronas’ were symbols of honor, given to warriors, poets, and brides. The flowers used varied with the occasion and the season.

Native American Cultures

Native American tribes used flowers in their hair for both aesthetic and symbolic purposes. Different tribes had distinct traditions, with certain flowers indicating social status, marital status, or accomplishment in battle.

Asian Traditions

In India, the tradition of wearing flowers in the hair dates back to ancient times. Women often wear strands of jasmine or marigold in their hair, especially during festivals and weddings. The fragrance of the flowers is believed to be pleasing to the gods and is thought to bring prosperity and love.

In Japan, the art of Kanzashi, intricate hairpieces often incorporating floral designs, has been part of traditional dress since the Heian period (794-1185 AD). The flowers used in Kanzashi change with the seasons, reflecting the close connection to nature in Japanese aesthetics.

In China, during the Tang dynasty, women wore large elaborate hairpieces often decorated with flowers, which indicated their social status.

7 Conclusion

Flowers are an enchanting addition to any hairstyle, infusing it with a natural and timeless beauty that artificial hair accessories often fail to replicate. Their versatility and uniqueness make them a perfect choice for any occasion.

Remember to choose the flowers that resonate with your personality, event theme, and outfit, and take proper care of them for an enduring charm. A flower for your hair is more than a mere decoration; it is nature’s crown that you wear, an echo of the earth’s beauty resting softly on your head.

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